7 steps to a simpler Self-Assessment season with your awesome practice team

6th Dec 2021
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This time our 7 steps to a simpler Self-Assessment season takes you through some key ideas to help you and your awesome practice team have an easier January. Take a look!

7 steps to Self-Assessment with your awesome practice team


57 – Check-in

Let’s face it – busy season isn’t fun. If it was, we wouldn’t have as many steps to share in this series!

Your practice team may not have the best time in January, but as a leader, you need them to get through to February 1st with their motivation and desire to stay with your practice in-tact.

Take your cue from research carried out by Stanford University which discovered that your business culture can drastically influence your team’s desire to work with you and stay because they want to (as opposed to working for you where they stay because they have to) and create a culture of check-ins where you not only listen to their headaches but share yours too.

58 – then check out

Leading by example also means not encouraging unhealthy habits, so make sure you’re modelling a healthy attitude for your team. But too often, leaders feel the pressure to work non-stop and disregard their personal needs – and teams can easily follow suit without anyone realising.

Take a healthy approach to your work/life balance and encourage your team to do the same. That means you need to take breaks, eat lunch, step away from your PC for a while… You get the idea.

A healthy team is a productive team!  

59 - Empower…

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work, according to a report from Salesforce.

Empowering your team can take many forms and the benefits are great. Unlock the rewards by:

  • Asking for opinions and input
  • Hearing ideas fully before saying ‘no’
  • Giving your team space to work it out
  • Supplying regular, constructive feedback
  • Being open to hearing regular, constructive feedback

60 – and power up!

The most common reasons to power up your team are time and talent.

If you find that there are simply more jobs to be done than manhours in a day, then maybe a new employee is the way forward. Or if you have the hours but not the knowledge, then training could help.

Of course, you can also create time and make tasks easier with the best tools for the job – take a look!

61 – Be grateful

"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest, yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” – Randy Pausch

Gratitude can create many benefits in your workplace, and that goes beyond you as a leader. A culture of gratitude can set up satisfaction at work. Lead by example and encourage your team to show appreciation too – the Snap Cup from the movie Legally Blonde has been implemented in some form by many businesses!

62 – Find the fun

There’s a lot to be said for gamification – it’s a concept that’s been on the rise in workplaces in the last few years. By finding the fun in the mundane, you can tap into that inner child and present a fun way for your employees to get more than just a salary from their working day.

Research from TalentLMS discovered that gamification makes survey respondents feel more productive (89%) and happier (88%) at work, so now’s the time to think about ways to motivate your team throughout the slog of busy season.

63 – Collaborate on your plans

You can’t – and shouldn’t – take these steps alone.

Keep engagement, empowerment and gratitude in mind and bring your team into the conversation by asking them for their thoughts and ideas. Ask what they’d be most motivated by, then figure out what you can do to facilitate that!

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