7 steps to combining skills and technology for ultimate time management serenity

14th Oct 2021
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Time really is flying by! We’re back this week with 7 steps to combining skills and technology for ultimate time management serenity that take us up to the halfway point on your journey to a more enjoyable Self-Assessment season. This time we’re taking a closer look at how choosing the right integrations can help you build on what you learned from our tech stacks article. Let’s dive right in!

Steps 29 - 35 to a more enjoyable Self-Assessment season with BTCSoftware


29 – Wishful thinking

If you’ve been following this series since the start, you’ll know by now that knowledge is half the challenge in the run-up to Self-Assessment season.

From client management needs to submitting returns, the wish list you’ve created will be your guide to shopping around for the tools you need.

Now is the time to finalise that wish list. Identify the areas which require manual intervention and make sure your tools can go at least some of the way towards reducing those gaps in your stack.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on your soft skills like time management while you’re mapping too.

30 – 4D and more

We’re big fans of saving time at BTCSoftware and since moving to remote work there’s been more focus than ever on how our colleagues can – cliché alert – “work smarter, not harder”.

From now till January, every minute counts and you probably feel you spend every one of them at work, talking about work, or even dreaming about work.

Make the most of your time and drop the stress level with techniques like the 4 Ds of Email, Pomodoro timers, mindful tea breaks and more. 

And be sure not to fill your newly available breaks with even more laptop time!

For more inspiration, take a look at how we’ve cut time spent in meetings by 25%.

31 – This time it’s personal

There’s no one ‘correct' way to run your practice. Your client base is unique, their needs are unique and therefore your practice needs are too.

Give yourself permission to be creative and look for solutions to problems that might not instantly be obvious. Ask questions of your software provider to uncover solutions to your headaches – our consultants enjoy working with new customers to come up with the best outcomes!

Collaborating with your software provider will ensure you tackle as many challenges as possible to make the future smoother.

Take a look at this real-life challenge resolution from a recent new customer:

integrations and time management benefits


32 – Be realistic…

We’re in the business of selling software, so this one might come as a surprise, but ultimately you need to be realistic about the potential solutions available.

If money’s no object, then you could break the bank and spend a fortune on a custom system that is built to meet your exact needs – that is, until those needs inevitably change (we’re looking at you, MTD initiative!)

But for most practices, you’ll be looking to balance functionality and cost - which is where we can help! 

Be realistic about your needs and search for solutions that can resolve your biggest headaches, but also keep in mind point 33…

33 – and optimistic!

We’re also in the business of creativity and that means we’re always looking ahead for the best ways to enhance your practice tech – and you should too!

Too often we hear that accountants have the best intentions for the months leading into Self-Assessment season, but that they also find time gets away from them and they end up taking a short-term view by necessity.

As you contact clients and start working through their data, keep your long term goals in mind. Consider going back to the 90s and stick physical reminders on your desk – combine inspiration (“My kids want a quad bike” maybe?) with practicality (“Find a Practice Management enhancement to save time on email” sounds great right?) and keep your eyes optimistically on the prize to help you plan beyond January 2022.  

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34 – Practically perfect?

What can you do now to explore solutions to some of your biggest tech headaches?

For many accountants who contact us for help, we find that poor integrations with their current software are a major source of stress. Not having the right links means losing time transferring data, checking for accuracy and inevitably correcting mistakes.

Accountants tell us all the time that being time-poor is the biggest problem, so if your map of gaps is missing that element now is the time to consider what you’re not seeing. Be critical and cautious not to accept a time drain as “just the way it is”, because the chances are you’re accepting something that you could be fixing.

By creating your perfect mix of skills and software, you can speed through the busy season and save valuable time.

35 – Use (y)our crystal ball

Ever wanted to see into the future and get a peek at what comes next?

Us too! And while we can’t tell you what Santa will bring this Christmas, we can definitely show you our technological crystal ball.

So forgive us indulging in a marketing moment, because we think you’ll really enjoy these two upcoming webinars:

BTCSoftware and Brightpay: The lessons accountants should implement for the future to improve how their staff work

BTCSoftware and Pixie - How to save 10 minutes per tax return this season 

Next time!

We’ll be back next week with 7 steps to using the MTD for ITSA delay to your advantage.

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Next time: 7 steps to using the MTD for ITSA delay to your advantage (yes, really!)