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A different approach: Mobile timesheet management for bureaux

12th Feb 2020
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Your clients get it all the time… Employees inevitably forget to clock in/out thereby leaving managers with the rewarding task of adjusting timesheet entries before they can be approved leaving bureaux to wait on timesheets to be delivered… sometimes even on paper. Offer your clients a better solution! Clock-Me-In a mobile app developed by KeyPay makes it possible for managers right from their phone to clock employees in and out and edit timesheet data, alleviating the back and forth between payroll administrators and client employees.

KeyPay's app allows clients to when logged into admin mode:

  • Clock in/out on behalf of employees; and

  • Create timesheets on behalf of employees based on their rostered shifts.

  • Clock in/out on behalf of employees using a specified start/finish time; and

  • Create timesheets on behalf of employees using a specified start/finish time; and

  • Edit submitted timesheets.

  • View ePayslips and access P60s.

Clocking in/out on behalf of employees

There are several scenarios where this feature is ridiculously beneficial! Consider this: employees are able to (a) clock in when starting their shift, (b) clock out when commencing their break, (c) clock back in when finishing their break and (d) clock out when finishing their shift. That gives the employee four opportunities (even more if they take multiple breaks) in one shift to forget to perform a clocking event.

This gives bureaux the ability to easily rectify mishaps directly from their phone by undertaking a clocking event on behalf of the employee and entering a specific time (as opposed to using the time the clocking actually took place).

Overall this streamlines the entire timesheet process ensuring that bureaux get accurate data and in real-time, no waiting around for manually logged timesheets. 

Creating timesheets on behalf of employees

There may be moments when an employee completely forgets to clock in/out for their shift. clients can perform this task directly via Clock Me In with the administrator able to see 2 timesheet options when clocking in on behalf of the employee:

  1. Create Timesheet: This option allows the manager to create a whole timesheet by entering a start and finish time and also adding breaks, as appropriate.

  2. Create Timesheet using Roster Shift: This is an existing feature and will appear if the employee has been rostered on that day. It allows the manager to easily create a timesheet based on the roster details.

Editing employee timesheets

This is what takes WorkZone a step further for clients so we’re pretty confident you’ll love this! When a manager is in shift tracking view, they can easily see who is clocked in, when a shift ended and so forth.

Access ePayslips and P60s

With KeyPay there is no uploading of payslips, they automatically get logged there along with P60s. Even when an employee leaves they can still have access to them! This is a big headache for many bureaux when old employes ask for payslips, we eliminate this and the frustration of storing employee data with everything handled in the cloud!

For bureaux, this will eliminate any dependency on paper timesheets and vastly improve timesheet and payroll accuracy allowing you to deliver a superior service to your clients.

Find out how you can streamline your time and attendance processes with KeyPay - 30 days free.