A fresh 'My Companies' experience & on-the-fly updates for consolidated groups

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At Fathom we meticulously craft every detail to make the best possible product, and a big part of this is keeping on the lookout for new ways to improve the experience for our users. This month we’re announcing a few cracking updates we think you’ll love.

A refreshed My Companies experience

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that we’ve been quietly rolling out a brand new My Companies experience.

my companies screenshot fathom

New filtering options for multi-company organisations

For our users who have many companies, consolidations & benchmark groups to wrangle in their Fathom account, we’ve introduced new ways to filter your company list.

  • Focus in and see only consolidated groups
  • Quickly filter your list to only show benchmark groups
  • Sort by data source or last updated

Multiple Companies Landing Fathom

Help is never far away

At the bottom of your My Companies screen we’ve also added a few helpful resources:

  • View a demo company
  • Visit our help centre
  • Recent Fathom feature releases

KPI Performance

On-the-fly data updates for consolidated group

Another improvement we are excited to announce is a faster, in-flight experience for updating your consolidated groups. Before this update, you needed to manually trigger an update for your consolidated groups, adding a slight delay before you could get stuck into your latest Monthly Report.

Fathom will now automatically update your consolidation when you access your Reports or Analysis tools, letting you get back to using Fathom to find insights and make better business decisions.

Updating Consolidated Groups

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