A Poem About a Year We’ll Never Forget

17th Dec 2020
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Christmas scene

Bells are ringing, cars are covered in frost,

Businesses are starting to review the cost…

Of a year unexpected, uncertain and long,

Which created the need for a new kind of song.

One of cost control, cash flow and improved compliance,

To push the business forward with strength and defiance.


Our airports were quiet, and airplanes were grounded,

Remote working and virtual meetings have really compounded…

A need for spend tools you can access from anywhere,

So that whatever the future holds, your team come prepared.


It’s a time to focus on employee experience,

While keeping an eye on your financial resilience.

Get ready to secure your market advantage,

And ensure your 2021 is truly jumpstarted.


Whether the cost of a home printer or a posh business lunch,

SAP Concur solutions work on more than a hunch.

They expose each line item, each receipt, each invoice,

To uncover the facts and give you more choice.


Handy apps to manage expense and invoice from home,

Ready for lift off, when it’s all systems go.

A platform that shows complete spending histories,

Re-enforcing your policies, removing spend mysteries.

Uncovering your data with actionable insight,

To ensure you are ready, whatever may bite.


All invoices are logged, all mileage is counted,

Reports have been sent; all challenges surmounted.

Fling out your spreadsheets, and bin those receipts,

Automation will bring you assurance and peace.


With us you can optimise your end-to-end finances,

So that nobody in your team has to take chances…

On what’s being spent and where and by whom,

So, let’s crank up the festive spirit, let’s party on Zoom.


Farewell 2020, we bid you adieu!

Your legacy has changed us, as we ring in the new.

Time to move business forward, let’s do this together,

So that 2021 can only get bigger and better!