Accountants Day is coming

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Budget days come and go. We now have three of them each year in Scotland, Wales and of course the UK Budget on 29th October. 


Heads down

Clients, prospects and we alike, will be bombarded with the Media, Social Media and the Press’s interpretation of each one of those fiscal events. There is a view that accountants should not add their chorus of opinions to the Budget party, ensuring that clients and the local community as a whole do not drown under a deluge of fiscal trivia. It’s the time to keep a low profile, keep our heads down and don’t look up from the page for at least a week until the dust has settled.


Accountants Day

That is a view I used to adhere to, but not anymore. If there is one day of the year (or two in some parts of the UK) that should set us apart from the rest, it is surely Budget Day. As one of our more forward-thinking members once proclaimed “Budget Day should be renamed the Accountants Day”. 

Aren’t the ramifications of the Budget our area of expertise? Out of all the opinions regarding it shouldn’t ours hold the greater gravitas? Won’t our clients and the community be expecting their local accountant to apprise them of his understanding of the big day and how the announcements impact upon them? To simplify the issues and opportunities and to give an overview of the options arising from it. As one ProActivTax member put it to me quite succinctly’

“It’s our job to make our clients aware of such matters and to do so in a timely manner.”

Budget Day is a golden opportunity which accountants should grasp with both hands to enhance their profile amongst clients and prospects alike at a time when they would expect you to do so and, in fact, would be disappointed if you didn’t bearing in mind what we do.



There are a number of different ways in which this could be done:

A Budget seminar or webinar is one option. This can be time consuming to put together, which can be added pressure, bearing in mind you want to do the seminar really within 24 hours of the day itself in order that it doesn’t lose its impact. It also doesn’t reach as many people as you would probably like, but it certainly has the personal touch which may create follow up conversations. 

Another option is produce your own Budget newsletter which would be fun to do (tax is fun!!). Again this is time consuming and perhaps the team would be better utilised elsewhere in adding value to the client base. But you could reach a large number of people and businesses on your database this way.   

Another option is to acquire a ready-made Budget newsletter and personalise it. Make sure you have a systemised approach to rolling out the Budget news to your community, ensuring that you raise your profile and prompt interest in your tax services.       

Document and system 

At ProActivTax we provide a free pdf Budget Update version along with a free Budget Marketing system showing how to obtain the maximum value and impact out of the Budget with regards to clients and prospects.   If this is of interest, please watch the Budget video here to find out more. 

Budget System



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