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19th Mar 2021
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With the tax season behind you, it’s time to start investing in new technology to help streamline your accounting office. Last year saw the acceleration and emergence of trends that you should consider before spending your money. These trends include the rise in automated accounting processes, cloud technology, and working from home. Keep pace with the changing work landscape by updating to a robust accounting software package, ideally one that works seamlessly with your request for payment service. 

Automated accounting processes

A 2018 survey by Sage found that 55% of accountants were ready to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their businesses, especially to take over repetitive and time-consuming tasks. If you haven’t already, 2021 is the year to automate some of your accounting duties. Doing so can benefit your business in multiple ways.

  • Save time – Automating some accounting processes will help free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your position including client interactions and innovation. 
  • Analyse data faster – Data crunching that used to take hours can now be analysed with the click of a button allowing you to stay ahead of the game when it comes to making recommendations or decisions. 
  • Improve workplace wellbeing - Reducing the repetitive tasks you do at work can boost your workplace wellbeing, giving you more time for aspects of your job that you enjoy or find meaning in. 

Cloud technology

The cloud is not just for your personal photos and files anymore. It has become an integral solution for many services and accounting is not an exception. The Sage survey discussed above found that 67% of accountants felt that cloud technology was improving the services they offered. Using the cloud means that data is available to the client and the accountant anytime and anywhere. This can simplify processes and improve client interactions by giving you the real-time information you need to respond to changes and meet your client’s needs.

Technology for remote working

If you have been making do with old technology that isn’t suitable for home working, now is the time to update. Although people may not remain working from home full-time, news suggests that as restrictions ease many businesses will let their employees continue working from home for at least part of the week. With this in mind, it’s important to buy technology that supports remote working for both you and your client. This could include purchasing a new video conference system or webcam for your computer. It’s also vital to have accounting software that is compatible with the cloud enabling you to work efficiently from anywhere on any device.


Additionally, upgrade to a payment request service that is compatible with your new software and makes getting paid easy no matter where you might be working from. Ordo is an innovative, easy-to-use payment system that works seamlessly with many accounting software packages and helps you get paid instantly. Ordo is the official payments Open Banking partner with Sage and can be found in the Sage marketplace. It is also fully integrated with Xero and Quickbooks. Ordo isn’t just good for you, it’s also great for your client. Clients do not have to download an app or reveal sensitive bank details to use Ordo. They can pay from any internet connected device, so it doesn’t matter if they are working from home or based in the office. By simply clicking a secure link, they pay you instantly. Arrange a demonstration today and find out how to make Ordo a part of your business in 2021.