Accountants Fall Behind

18th Dec 2020
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Keep up with the kids or they’ll run rings round you….the same goes for business – a real time payments service is a must in today’s COVID society

Even those of us that consider ourselves tech savvy have to marvel at the speed and dexterity with which some children manoeuvre around a phone or tablet. You may be left feeling a bit technologically inadequate, but instead use these children as inspiration to stay current with tech trends. They will be your future colleagues, employees, or clients, so you have to make sure your business keeps pace with advancements whether it’s a new social media platform, artificial intelligence, or an innovative real time payment service giving you instant payment and automatically reconciled income.

Why do children pick up technology so fast?

Children’s brains go through a period of tremendous growth between birth and six years old. It’s during this time that the brain is laying down neural networks based on the experiences she or he is exposed to. So, if a child is frequently playing football, drawing, or using a tablet, this will influence what connections are made in the brain and the more a child does something, the stronger the connections are. Soon, the activity becomes second nature.

Do mobile devices impact our brains?

Every technology, be it the pen, the television, or your smart phone, was once brand new and repeated use of these technologies does influence our brains and bodies both negatively and positively. There’s no doubt that mobile devices are influencing children. A recent Ofcom study revealed that 50% of 10-year-olds had their own smartphone. This same study showed that in children 5-15 years of age, most play video games and use social media and chat apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

We’ve heard about the negative impacts of the internet and mobile devices – low self-esteem, sleep difficulties, and short attention span. Thankfully, studies suggest that there are some benefits too, such as improved reaction time, good visual-spatial capabilities, and the ability to identify important details from cluttered situations. As with many things, the key to healthy internet and mobile device use seems to be moderation. Especially when the brain is developing, it’s important to participate in many different types of activities so we can be ready to handle the plethora of situations we encounter in the world. 

You can teach an old dog new tricks

Don’t despair if you weren’t exposed to cutting edge technology at a young age. First, the connections laid down in your brain when you were young could mean you have abilities that others don’t have. Although you might not have lightning fast fingers on a mobile phone, many accountants and professionals have an increased attention span and a strong memory. Second, the brain is forever adaptable. As Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich discusses in his TED talk, connections are easier to create when we are young, but brain plasticity means that as an adult you can continue to rewire your brain in order to learn new things. 

What can you do to keep abreast of emerging technology?

However old you are, it’s vital to keep up to date with new technology so your business can stay relevant as time passes and be efficient to compete in your sector. Some things you can do to stay current are:

Have coffee with your techie friend (or a teenager!) If you’re not up on your tech, make sure to pick the brain of a friend with tech sense so they can clue you in on the latest trends.

Listen to podcasts and read websites and forums. Updated frequently, these sources can help you take a deep dive into a specific subject and introduce you to people and ideas that get your brain thinking along a different track.  

Find out what your clients want. If your clients have a need that you aren’t meeting, do some research. You might find that an innovative tech solution already exists.

Don’t be content with the status quo. If you get complacent, the latest modernisations will pass you by and your business will struggle to catch up. Always be ready to update your way of doing things.

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