Accounting practices are generating fee rates of £325/hr

Brought to you by Tax Cloud

Tax Cloud is an innovative, simple and cost-effective R&D tax relief claim portal. With the assistance of R&D tax specialists at Myriad Associates, the user is guided through each stage of the claim process. A fully compliant R&D tax claim report is produced which can be emailed directly to the HMRC R&D Unit.

Since Tax Cloud's inception, a partner programme was developed to help build strong and long-lasting relationships with Accountancy practices, by providing specialist advice and support to their clients’ R&D funding strategies, whilst maintaining their involvement throughout the process.

The Tax Cloud partner programme gives accounting practices a powerful way to offer a specialist R&D tax credits claim service. It is a great opportunity to attract new clients, grow your practice and boost revenue.

Partner programme packages include:

Introducer partner:

This package follows a very simple process:

  • You recommend Tax Cloud to your clients
  • Your clients sign up directly with Tax Cloud
  • Myriad R&D experts guide and support your client through the R&D tax claim process
  • For each claim successfully processed by HMRC, you receive a 15% referral fee.

Certified partner:

A Tax Cloud certified partner manages the R&D tax claim on behalf of their clients. 

  • Accounting practices undertake free Tax Cloud training.
  • Access Tax Cloud on your clients’ behalf. Your client can add project and technical information while you look after the costing aspects.
  • Tax Cloud produces an R&D tax claim report that can be submitted to HRMC
  • Myriad’s R&D experts provide support and guidance at every step of the claim process.
  • For each claim successfully processed by HMRC, you receive a 30% partner fee.

For more info on the Tax Cloud partner programme, please get in touch with our team via our contact page.