AccountingWEB Product Showcase: Nomisma

25th Nov 2021
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AccountingWEB’s Editor Richard Hattersley sits down with CEO Simon Guest for a tour of the Nomisma software suite.

All practice processes managed in one place

In their first video, Simon scratches the surface of some of the features Nomisma's software suite can offer. We start by taking a look at their live dashboard which offers a whole practice view in one place; displaying KPIs, upcoming deadlines and a categorised client list. The software has features relating to payroll and bookkeeping, end to end client onboarding, pricing tools, AML, final accounts and tax, all within one interface. This means that all tools have the same look and feel, processes and share the same data.

Simon also demonstrates their mobile apps that reflect Nomisma's holistic approach and provide a helpful way of uploading photo receipts that can then be searched for using their optical character recognition to save valuable time.