Adapting to survive? Payroll and HR Cloud Portals

22nd Dec 2020
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Remote working is here and it’s here to stay. Many companies are only now starting to see the benefits of allowing employees to work from home and the ways in which they can facilitate this while still maintaining productivity in their business. However, there are some challenges that come with making this change, and they may seem daunting at first.  

Luckily, the internet is always ready with a solution. Cloud portals, such as BrightPay Connect, have become an essential tool for businesses moving from office-based work to a more remote, flexible environment. You’ve probably heard this before, but do you really know what it could mean for your business?  

What Is A Cloud Portal? 

First of all, what is a cloud portal? Although you’re probably hearing the term used more frequently these days, it can be confusing and vague. A cloud portal is, essentially, a virtual space within the internet (or “the cloud”) which has been designed for a specific purpose. Portals can be built for public use, accessible by anyone with a good internet connection, or for private use by companies and organizations for their internal use.  

The portal itself can have a broad range of features or uses, depending on the intention. Typically in business, cloud portals facilitate communication between individuals or groups, applications and tools, shared documents and upload/download functionality. However, they do vary significantly.  

Cloud Portals For Payroll & HR 

Both payroll administrators and accountants will understand the value of using the latest technology for processing payroll. Not so long ago, payroll was processed on sheets of paper and stored in filing cabinets under lock and key. Today, payroll software has modernised how we do this. And cloud portals are the next step in that modernisation.  

Human resources, too, is a constantly evolving field which plays an increasingly important role in any thriving business. HR managers are relying more and more on advances in cloud technology to make it easier for them to manage employees who are working remotely and facilitate a new, virtual workplace. For many, cloud portals are the best way to do this.  

BrightPay Connect - The Cloud Portal For Your Business 

Now that you understand what a cloud portal is and how it’s used, let’s get into the ways BrightPay Connect, our cloud portal add-on, can streamline your payroll and human resources processes in your business.  


  • Payroll bureaus and accountants can view all of their clients in one place at one time through a secure online portal. Here bureaus can run payroll reports and view upcoming HMRC payment due dates anywhere, anytime, making it easier to juggle large numbers of clients at once.  
  • With Connect, payroll bureaus can request clients to submit payroll information for the pay period, including employees hours, payments, additions and deductions. This ‘client payroll entry’ feature means that clients can transfer sensitive payroll information to the bureau through a secure portal. Once reviewed, the bureau can then synchronise this information to the payroll software at the click of a button, eliminating the need for the bureau to manually enter the payroll information.  
  • BrightPay Connect’s ‘client payroll approval’ feature allows bureaus to send a preview of the payroll to their clients before finalising the payroll. The client can approve or reject the payroll and add any comments as to what changes are needed. This means that the client and bureau work together and accountability is shared.  

Human Resources: 

  • HR managers will also love the document upload feature on BrightPay Connect. With this feature, they can distribute documents to employees through the portal and choose which employees can or cannot access them. All documents are stored safely in the cloud, so it acts as an excellent communication tool as well as a GDPR compliant data storage system.  
  • BrightPay Connect makes managing employee annual leave easier than ever before. Employees can apply for leave via their employee self-service app and it instantly appears in the HR manager’s online portal. From here, the HR manager can see who else is on leave on the relevant dates in the company calendar and approve or deny the request.  

Book A Demo Today 

If you’d like to learn more about how BrightPay Connect’s cloud portal can revolutionise your business, then book a free demo today where one of our Connect team can explain in more detail what our cloud portal add-on can do for your business.