All tax returns submitted by 30th November?

24th Aug 2019
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Susan Rahman, owner at KWSR & Co Chartered Accountants and our Chief Evangelist, got 95% of her tax returns done by Christmas Day last year. This year she's on course to be done by 30th November, freeing up 2 months of capacity that she can sell....or just enjoy!

While she serialised her experience here last year, this year she's gone one better. She's been publishing a monthly companion guide since April to help other accountants and bookkeepers get similar results. She's on a simple mission - to make sure that everyone has a relaxing Christmas and New Year. 

This month was the fifth instalment and so far she's covered a range of topics from planning to preparation, from self motivation to team building and this month she's looking at leadership styles. Is all of this relevant to a #taxathon? Can you really talk about team building and submitting tax returns in the same breath? Yes. 

A #taxathon isn't about tax returns, it's about team performance

From spring clearning in April through to examining her own leadership style in August, Susan's been on a journey that pushes her and her team to the limit. One that ultimately benefits her clients because she's delivering a level of service they rave about.

The #taxathon has had other benefits too. She's successfully pushed us here at Onkho to give her the tools she needs to excel. Her demands resulted in the creation of Inbox - a powerful email management tool that integrates with the CRM, workflow and Insights. It's even inspired her to start telling her colleagues about what she calls "small victories". Over the last 25 years, she's found that the small incremental improvements soon add up and the changes stick. That approach has worked better for her than chasing radical or big bang changes - not just in technology but also in people and process.

So far, Susan and her team have cut time spent on email by a third

If you're interested in joining the army of accountants and bookkeepers benefiting from her #taxathon companion guide, you can sign up for it here

If you want to know more about Inbox and why it's rocking the boat at Susan's practice and other Onkho customers, click here.

We're pretty confident that Susan is going to hit that 30th November deadline and we hope that when she does, she'll include us in the celebrations too!