AM in Practice: “I don’t have to remember things anymore!”

4th Nov 2020
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This week, AM’s Marcus Bellis caught up with Paul Cain, owner of Croydon-based practice Cain & Beer. Paul has been using AccountancyManager for two years. In fact, the same year he joined AM, he closed his offices and moved everyone home. A decision he’s certainly been grateful for this year. 

Image showing Paul Cain

Paul streamlines himself out of a job

Paul Cain started life as a credit controller and eventually got into credit management. The company he worked for mainly focused on the amusement industry, working with businesses that supply arcade machines. “Then I got asked to take over the financial controller role” he says, “which was obviously a big step.” 

Not only did Paul excel in his new role, he managed to cut out two days a week of work, through careful systemisation and maximising his use of technology. 

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