AM in Practice: "Without AccountancyManager I'd be sobbing gently in the corner!"

14th Oct 2020
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This week, we take the virtual train up from Warwick to Eccles to meet Carolyn Cullen from Monton Green Accountancy Ltd. Currently under local lockdown, Carolyn spoke to us from the home office she’s sharing with her husband. Due to a case of coronavirus in one of her daughter’s year groups, Carolyn is also still having to home school. Though this time round, with daily deadlines for homework, she’s finding it a bit easier.

I class my two, at school, as fairly diligent and reasonably intelligent. At home, with home-schooling, there were no signs of either of those characteristics!”

“Home-schooling was the least favourite part of lockdown, I have to say. It was hard work. And they don't believe that I could possibly know how to do fractions! Apparently I can't and I don't teach it right... That was a struggle, but I know I'm not alone in that.”

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