An efficient practice – how automation removes the long hours and late nights

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Making your practice as efficient as possible is a key aim of any accountancy firm. And the evolution of cloud technology, online working and software automation is bringing this goal of the efficient automated cloud practice a step further.

What efficiency does is give you choice as a practice accountant – allowing you to save time and choose how you utilise this additional time.

Long hours and late nights are almost expected when the firm is busy. You’ll have found yourself in the office at midnight, sending out client emails to chase up urgent information that’s missing. And when time’s at a premium, this stretches your resources and creates an admin headache for everyone in the practice.

But with AccountancyManager as the foundational platform for your firm, you get all the time-saving advantages of software automation on your side. You can stop working late at the office – and get back that time you’ve been spending chasing your clients.

James Byrne, ex-accountant and founder of AccountancyManager, explains just how automation saves you time, increases profits and gives you genuine choice around how, when and where you work.

The traditional approach holds back your efficiency

The evolution of software automation in the accounting industry has been driven by a pain point that many firms suffer from – the significant level of time-commitment, admin tasks and chasing of client information that’s needed to get a new business client set up and serviced.

Onboarding is a core area of inefficiency that holds you back:

  • Traditional onboarding isn’t effective – it requires registration forms to be emailed out to clients, the client to then print out, sign and scan this paperwork, and numerous emails to then be pinged back and forth. And that just isn’t a productive way to onboard your new business clients in the digital age.
  • Automation overcomes the onboarding hurdle – automating the key elements of onboarding streamlines the process, removes the inefficiencies of the old approach and saves you and your practice team a significant amount of time.
  • Clients have a better onboarding experience – with an automated onboarding process, your new client fills out the necessary information once in the online space. There’s no printing, no scanning and clients are up and running far more quickly.

These efficiencies apply to every element of the engagement, whether it’s engagement letters, permission from the client’s incumbent accountant or the collection of Companies House information and UTR tax numbers etc.

Driving profits and choice through automation

Automation drives efficiency across every element of running your practice. And that streamlined approach allows you to be more productive, more profitable and more flexible.

AccountancyManager was created as a cloud solution for your practice management. Use automation, free up your time, create more profit and give yourself a greater choice as a practising accountant – the choice to transform the practice to either make more money or to have more free time, while creating a more streamlined and efficient practice as a net result.

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