Announcing the Account Reader

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Tide provides a dedicated free partner program to accountants, helping them and their clients do less banking. Click here to learn more.​

As of today, authorised Tide partners can view and download client transaction data directly via the Account Reader, a dashboard that we’ve developed specifically for accountants who use Tide. Naturally, that access is subject to permission by the member.


How does this benefit me?

If you’re an accountant, you’ll no longer need to request transaction data from each of your clients individually if they use Tide. Just log in to the Account Reader, and export transaction data in the .csv format you prefer: FreeAgent, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, others.

What can I see as an accountant?

Your clients can grant you read-only access so you can view and download their transactions as well as any associated categories whenever they’re needed.

How can I access Account Reader?

The Account Reader is available to any accredited Tide partner accountants.

What’s a Tide partner accountant? 

Tide is designed to work for both our members and their accountants. Tide’s partner accountants get tools, like Account Reader, to make your life easier as an account manager.

If you’re an accountant and want to become a Tide partner, simply fill in this form and we’ll be in touch today.

How can I request access?

You can request permission by entering the email address your client registered the Tide account under. Once the request is made, your client needs to do the following:

  • Log onto their Tide app
  • Go to the “more” section
  • Click on API access