Are you ready for GDPR?

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GDPR is a welcome new regulation for individuals, increasing their right to privacy in line with advances in technology. But for many businesses, the May 25 deadline has been cause for concern - not least due to the lack of concrete recommendations. And with potential fines set at dizzying new heights, spring’s starting to feel like it’s approaching fast!

Like all businesses, FreeAgent has been working to get to grips with what the new compliance landscape will look like and how it will affect our business. And we’re not keeping what we’ve discovered to ourselves!

Join this webinar to get a view on the practical application of GDPR out in the wild, including:

  • What we know (and don’t know) about GDPR so far
  • Looking after client data and complying with transparency and deletion requirements
  • Communicating with clients under GDPR
  • Keeping personnel records compliant

Title: Countdown to compliance: applying GDPR in the real world

Date: Thursday, March 8, 11AM (GMT)

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