Auto Enrolment: Changes you need to know about

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Auto Enrolment: Changes you need to know about

Auto enrolment has well and truly evolved since the rollout began in 2012. There are a number of changes coming over the next twelve months that payroll bureaus need to be aware of. BrightPay has put together a number of free, online guides and webinars which explain the upcoming changes to auto enrolment that must be implemented, including increases in contributions, re-enrolment and new employers.

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Grow your payroll service in the cloud

This is what you must be offering as an chargeable service (and clients should expect to pay for it). In this guide we will look at how payroll servicing is evolving to encompass a move towards cloud flexibility for you, your clients and their employees. Be ready to offer a new level of payroll and HR related services by embracing cloud innovation.

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Free Webinar: How will GDPR affect your business?

Employers process large amounts of personal data, not least in relation to their customers and their own employees. Consequently, the GDPR will impact most if not all areas of the business and the impact it will have cannot be overstated. Register now for BrightPay's free webinar on GDPR where we will peel back the new legislation.

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