Auto-file your tax returns and save time

Brought to you by Gbooks

Auto-filing your tax return with Gbooks is as simple as sharing a link with your client.

Gbooks makes filing your tax returns quick and easy with its innovative Taxlocker system and unique auto-file option.

You can get a tax return approved by the client and submitted to HMRC in two simple steps. All you need to do is:

1. Add the completed personal tax return to your client's Taxlocker

2. Send the client a weblink via Gbooks’ integrated email system or from your own email

The client then clicks on the link and, if using the Taxlocker for the first time, set up two-step security. Once this is done, the client can review the tax return in the Taxlocker and click a button to approve it.

Once the return has been approved, Gbooks can automatically file the tax return with and inform the accountant once it's been accepted.

Gbooks makes tax returns easy. Find out how Gbooks can help your firm with a free 30-day trial.