Automate Tax Payment Reminders for Your Clients

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With the ‘Tax Season’ now in full flow, we’ve taken this opportunity to provide our users and anyone else interested in coming on-board with our newest ‘Automation’ features. Before we go into detail lets be clear about the 3 main features we’ve developed in AccountancyManager:

                      1. Automatic proposals & letters of engagement

                      2. Automatically reminds and chases clients for missing information

                      3. Automatically generated task lists for all your staff

We’d like to go on and share with you some of the most recent feature updates shown below.

Automatic Self Assessment Tax Payment Reminders

You can now enable AM to remind your clients what tax to pay by either 31st January or 31st July. Once activated, the system will recall the tax payment due, populate an automated email and send it to the client automatically. 

Custom Automated Record Requesting

The first automation feature we released was automatic reminders sent to clients requesting their records. This has proved useful but still required further expansion to act as a really powerful tool.

Due to clients using different methods or software to prepare their data before sending it to the accountant we realised we needed an option to send out custom record requests. This feature is now available, however, there was one final piece needed to complete the puzzle. This was -

Automatic ‘Part-Records Received’ Requests

Do you get excited when a client sends across their records to you, so you can finally complete the work you have promised to supply them, only to find they have missed out some of the records!

To tackle this issue we’ve created a system to allow you to list the missing records, AM will then construct an automated email with the missing information listed and continue to send out automated requests until you receive all the information.

So, What’s Next?

We are a constantly evolving software company, always listening to customer feedback which is one main reason's (along with our simple user interface) that people choose to use AccountancyManager.

Developments coming in February are:

  • Automatic reminders sent to clients to get approval, e.g for their accounts or tax returns
  • Digital ID verification
  • Automatic reminders when payments outstanding
  • Automatic tax payment reminders for corporation tax
  • Automatic payment reminders for PAYE

Current Features

When AccountancyManager (AM) was in development, all our ideas and features were driven by the one key idea ‘Automation’.

With admin taking up more time than seemed necessary for Accountants, there is now a solution available to reduce the time spent on these tasks.

AM already provides the following automation features:

  • Automatically Generated Tasklist and Workflow Management
  • Automatic Proposals & Letters of Engagement
  • Automated Record Requesting & Part-Records Received
  • Automated Clearance Letters to Previous Accountants

With additional features such as:

  • Document Storage
  • Client Portal
  • E-signing
  • Client Timeline (audit trail of communications)
  • SMS & Email Facility
  • Time Recording & Reporting
  • Invoicing & WIP

With these features in place, our customers are reporting back the benefits they are finding whilst using AM.

“Before signing up with AccountancyManager, we hadn’t quite realised the magnitude of administrative work involved with running our firm. I spotted the AM advertisement on LinkedIn and instantly I was interested. With a simple dashboard, fast automation and easy to navigate portal, I can honestly say AM deliver everything they promise. Without AM we would be spending far too much time on things that now happen automatically. Plus the AM team are fantastic, always on hand to assist and offer new solutions.”

Finlay Everington – SAS Micro

If you would like to learn more about these new features you can sign up for our 30-Day free trial here.

We also have slots available on Webinars throughout January which you can book here.

We look forward to working with you soon

AccountancyManager Team.