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Automatic Enrolment - Do you know your client’s ongoing duties?

6th Dec 2018
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An employer’s automatic enrolment duties do not end after their duties start date. It is a continuing responsibility for employers. There are a number of duties that employers are responsible for and you can help your clients avoid penalties and fines by helping them understand and meet their obligations.

Keeping a record - Employers must keep a record of all automatic enrolment activities for six years and keep a record of all opt-out notices for four years. Automatic enrolment activities include the names and addresses of the staff that have been enrolled, when contributions were paid into the pension scheme, opt-in notices and other information sent to the pension provider.

Monitoring the ages and earnings of staff - Employers must keep a record for all new and existing staff. The automatic enrolment eligibility for employees must be checked every pay period and subsequently enrolled into a pension scheme if they become an eligible jobholder - some payroll software providers can help you do this with automated notifications.

Writing to employees - Employers must write to staff to inform them if they become eligible for automatic enrolment.

Paying contributions - When employees are enrolled into an auto enrolment pension scheme, employers must pay contributions to their pension scheme.

The responsibility for automatic enrolment duties ultimately lies with the employer. The Pensions Regulator recommends that employers use payroll software that caters for an employers auto enrolment duties.

BrightPay and Automatic Enrolment

BrightPay automates these auto enrolment duties for both employers and payroll bureaus. Unlike other pension providers, there are no additional costs or charges for auto enrolment in BrightPay. Full auto enrolment functionality is available to customers using any BrightPay licence.

Book a demo today to find out how you can benefit from BrightPay Payroll Software.


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