Automation and Self-Assessment

Brought to you by Gbooks

Would you like to make your life easier this January, and increase the number of clients you can take on and manage?

Here are a few things Gbooks can do for you this busy season:

View and import HMRC PAYE data

Gbooks allows you to view the relevant PAYE information held by HMRC for the client. Once verified, you can import the data into the tax return with the click of a button.

Add tax returns into the client's Taxlocker

Client's can view their tax returns using our innovative Taxlocker system. You don't need to set up an account or send out usernames and passwords. Just send the client a weblink and we'll do the rest.

Auto-file tax returns once approved

Once approved by the client, our system can automatically file the tax return for you and display the result as soon as it's received.

We offer many other time saving features including:

  • collaboration with colleagues using our fully cloud-based platform;
  • integration with partnership tax returns and and auto-import of profit allocations into a SA104 supplementary page;
  • one-click import of sole trader and partnership accounts;
  • instant notification when tax returns are approved;
  • an integrated email system to send emails and attachments;
  • real-time verification of tax return entries to reduce errors;
  • view and sort your client list by tax return status;
  • auto-updates of status when tax returns are approved or filed.

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