Balancing your time and client demands: what can help?

11th Aug 2021
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How can you exceed your client’s expectations while managing their demands? It can be a tricky balance to get right. On one hand, you need to be available to your customers and open to communication, and on the other hand, you need to manage your time in order to get your work done without frequent interruptions.

Similar to how many customer-service professionals manage their time, you may allocate certain hours of your day to emails, phone calls and meetings. The rest of the day or week is planned according to short-term tasks and longer deadlines. However, managing your time as effectively as this is easier said than done.

Some clients may have more requests than others, and when it comes to their payroll, the interruptions can be persistent, no matter what you do. These clients are essential to your business so what are the options available to you? Can a payroll app be a useful solution to this problem?

Why use a payroll app?

A payroll app can become an essential tool for streamlining communications, reducing time spent on administrative tasks, and saving you time responding to frequent requests.

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on that integrates with BrightPay, the desktop-based payroll software. With BrightPay Connect, both clients and their employees have their own self-service portal which can be accessed by a web browser, or employees can also log in on an app on their smartphone or tablet. It makes running payroll a smoother, quicker process for you, and it also provides a multitude of other features which you can leverage to manage your time more efficiently.

Payroll reports:

As you finalise the payroll on BrightPay, reports are automatically accessible by the client on BrightPay Connect. BrightPay’s readily available reports include a daily pay report, a holiday pay report, a statutory pay report and a pension report.

As well as these commonly used reports, you can also set up your own custom-made reports using BrightPay’s report builder. Once the report has been saved, the employer can access them through their dashboard at any time. This eliminates administrative work and time spent back-and-forth with your client organising the reports.

Up-to-date employee records:

BrightPay Connect stores all employees’ personal records securely in the cloud. Instead of ringing or emailing you to notify you of changes to an employee’s personal details, your client’s employees can easily update their personal details themselves. Once approved by the client, any changes to the employees’ home address or contact details are automatically synced to the BrightPay payroll application on your desktop.

Annual leave management

The self-service portal on the app also allows employees to submit annual leave requests. Your client can view a company-wide employee calendar, view each employee’s annual leave calendar, and can authorise requests. Updates to the calendar will sync back to BrightPay making it unnecessary for your client to communicate these changes. You will always have up-to-date, accurate information.

Sending payslips:

Once you’ve finalised the pay period, payslips can automatically be sent to employees via their BrightPay Connect app on their smartphone or tablet. The payslips can then be viewed, downloaded, and printed. In addition to this, all payslips are stored on the app in a historical archive. This means, you no longer have to manage requests regarding past payslips from your client when employees are applying for mortgages or for other financial reasons.  

To learn more about BrightPay Connect and how it can help your business, book a demo to speak to a member of our team.  

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