Batch processing in BrightPay - so hot right now

8th Nov 2019
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If you know anything about me, then you’ll know my love affair with BrightPay. BrightPay is an award-winning payroll software that will change your life. It has an abundance of features designed for bureaus and accountants who process payroll for lots of clients, saving you time and also boosting efficiency.

BrightPay introduced two new features recently - Client Payroll Entry and Payroll Approval. You can read more on these features written by a very dashing and witty person who, weirdly, has the same name as me, here and here. But what lots of people, including BrightPay’s own customers, don’t know about is the batch payroll processing function which is about to turn your world upside down.

For those of you too lazy to read the links I so kindly posted above - here is a summary: With BrightPay, accountants can send a payroll request to their clients, the client then enters the payroll information for the pay period and sends it back to the accountant. The accountant can review the information entered by the client and sync the information to the payroll software and finalise the payroll in mere minutes. 

But, and here’s the showstopper….*drumroll*... with BrightPay you have the ability to batch process payroll multiple employers at the same time!!

But if you’re a bureau user or accountant, especially one with a lot of single director companies or payrolls that don’t change from week to week, then I know you are currently being picked up off the floor from where you fell just now because you were so impressed.

This batch payroll processing feature can be found by going to the Batch Operation tab on the BrightPay startup window where you can process or perform tasks on multiple employer files with a single click. This batch processing can be used to finalise payslips, check for coding notices and send outstanding RTI and CIS submissions for multiple employers at the same time.

So, if you’re already a customer then you’re welcome. And if you’re not, what are you waiting for?? Get yourself over to and save a whole bunch of time. You won’t regret it.

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Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software