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Benefits of bank feeds for you and your clients

3rd Nov 2021
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Bank feeds are a great tool to help make doing your job easier. From saving time to being prepared for tax submission, we take you through the benefits of connecting your client’s bank feed to accounting software.

Greater accuracy

Bank feeds are the perfect way to never miss a transaction. As bank transactions are automatically imported regularly, you’ll have all your clients transactions without the worry of missing something important.

Save time with automation

When bank feeds are used with automated features like bulk recording or automated matching, you can save time in day to day bookkeeping. Automated matching works best when your client does their invoicing in the same place as the accounting, so it’s simple to match transactions and avoid duplicates.

Up to date accounts

Instead of waiting for your clients to share information with you, you’ll have access to all their transactions. This will make it easier for you to create up to date reports and to get a real time view of their finances.

If you’re offering advisory services, bank feeds can be a great solution to giving you the information you need to guide your clients on specific issues. 

Simple record keeping

With Bokio accounting software, you can attach materials such as receipts or invoices to the transactions so your clients can be compliant with record keeping.

Be prepared for tax submission

Self Assessment tax return season can be notoriously stressful. When you use bank feeds, you have a lot of the information you need to get the job done. 

If your client is doing their invoicing in the same software as the accounts, and they are uploading receipts and supplier invoices to the software regularly, you’ll have everything you need in advance to make sure there’s less last minute rush.

About Bokio accounting software

Bokio accounting software offers bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses management. It’s a great solution for collaborating with smaller clients, like small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Bokio helps you save time by using automation like bank feeds and smart accounting, so you can focus on offering high value advisory services to your clients.