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The Access Group provides integrated business management software.

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Best cash flow forecasting software UK in 2023

6th Dec 2023
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The Access Group provides integrated business management software.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear idea of where your business is heading? Of course, no one can guarantee to know the future - but wouldn’t it be refreshing to have complete confidence in your cash flow predictions?

Cash flow forecasting software can give you just that. It will be no surprise that there are many options available, so how do you find what your business needs? We’ve taken a look at some of the leading options. Read on for an overview of the best cash flow forecasting software in 2023.

What is cash flow forecasting software?

Cash flow forecasting software uses your financial data, as well as powerful forecasting and reporting tools, to give you a clear view of your cash flow position now and looking forwards. Business leaders use it to make more confident decisions and achieve clarity about their evolving financial outlook.

Why does your business need cash flow forecasting software?

Before cash flow forecasting software was invented, staying on top of the cash position and planning ahead for future cash inflows and outflows was a time-consuming process involving lots of complicated spreadsheets, a great memory for figures, and a healthy dose of luck. Thankfully things are much easier now thanks to the development of easy to use cash flow forecasting software.

Using this kind of tool can make your life as a business leader or finance professional a lot easier. Cash flow forecasting software automates the data-crunching process and gives you greater clarity and accuracy by drawing upon your own data in real time and looking ahead at your expected inflows and outflows. Ultimately, good cash flow software will reveal the story behind the numbers and help you run your business with foresight and confidence.

Benefits of using cash flow forecasting software

There are a whole range of benefits to using cash flow forecasting software – as you can see from the list below.

Improved accuracy and reliability

It’s so much easier to make fast and effective decisions when you trust your data. Cash flow forecasting software draws upon finance data from across your business and operations, which means you can have confidence in the overall accuracy of your reports and predictions.

Better cash management

Because cash flow software uses data from all of the various parts of your business, it gives you a clear picture of your cash position at any point in time. It highlights issues such as late payments so that you can respond accordingly; it also provides long term or strategic cash flow forecasting which gives insight into the impact of different business decisions on future cash flow.

Access to real-time data

The cash position of your business can change quickly – so it’s vital that your cash flow forecast stays up to date at all times. By using integrated data flows in real time, you can make more informed decisions about your cash position.

Simplified financial management processes

One of the key benefits of integrating and consolidating data into your cash flow forecasting software is the it removes the need for manual rekeying which so often results in errors and inaccuracies which can create nasty surprises further down the line.

Improved financial planning

With the right information at hand at the click of a mouse, it’s so much easier to make robust and confident financial decisions and plans. It’s great for reporting too – especially when you want to give regular updates to the senior leadership team in your business.

Best cash flow forecasting software UK in 2023

To help you identify the best cash flow forecasting software for your business, we’ve taken a quick look at a few of the leading players. The most popular cash flow forecasting systems in the UK in 2023 include all of the following:

  • The Access Group
  • Sage (including Futrli)
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Spotlight
  • Syft
  • Castaway

The Access Group

Access cash flow forecasting and management software is aimed at medium-sized businesses across all sectors. It’s also popular with financial advisors who need to provide cash flow forecasts for their clients.

In addition to all the standard or integrated cash flow forecasting and reporting tools you would expect, key features include instant calculations, driver-based planning, and rolling forecasts using real-time data.


Sage offers cash flow reporting and forecasting software aimed at accountants seeking a tool that enables them to inform and advise their clients.

It offers budgeting, forecasting and reporting to help predict cash flow and profit. Like all cash flow accounting software, it saves time by enabling you to see the information you need without merging documents or building new reports and spreadsheets.


Futrli is a stand-alone Sage product which does cash flow forecasting and reporting, and includes 3-way profit and lost, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts for 3 years.


Xero cash flow forecasting is designed to support small business owners, providing a glimpse of financial health and helping to plan future spending.

It provides a step-by-step process for creating a 12-month cash flow forecast in a few clicks, taking into account the business incomings and outgoings and using a simple template rather than building a separate spreadsheet.


Quickbooks Cash Flow Planner is aimed at start-ups, small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers.

It makes it easy to create a 24-month cash flow forecast which includes tracking projects, specific jobs, and locations, to give greater insight into where money is coming from. It is available as IOS and web versions and also links to the business bank account and credit card to keep data up to date.


Spotlight offers solutions for business advisors and accountants as well as business owners and Finance professionals.

Key features of this platform include consolidated forecasting and reporting including 3-way cash flow forecasts, budgets and scenarios. The dashboard offers an instant and visual snapshot of performance. Spotlight can also be integrated with Xero.


Syft integrates with a range of finance solutions popular with small and mid-level business in different sectors sizes including Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe and Shopify.  

Designed as an interactive and collaborative financial reporting tool, Syft produces a wide range of reports from the simplest to the most complex. Key features include attractive visuals which bring insights to life as well as easy-to-use forecasting tools.


The Castaway solution offers benefits for SMEs up to enterprise level organisations as well as finance advisors and accountants.

Using integrations to pull data from accounting packages such as Xero, or via Excel, Castaway produces reports, forecasts, and ‘what if’ scenarios using a customisable dashboard, drag and drop functionality and image widgets to create the outputs you need.

Choosing the best cash flow forecasting software for your business

It’s clear to see that staying on top of your cash flow forecast – what’s expected to come in and what need to go out – is vital for businesses of all sizes, especially during times of uncertainty or when pushing forwards with ambitious growth plans for example. Cash flow forecasting software can help, not only because it gives you a constantly updated view in real time, but also because it saves you time and effort too.

So are you ready to find out more about cash flow forecasting software and what it can do for you?

Whether you are a start-up or small business with plans to grow, or a medium-sized company looking for a comprehensive option that fits with the specific requirements of your business – why not check out Access cash flow forecasting software? It will help you get to grips with your cash flow forecast as you push ahead with your plans. You can use the links below to find out more.

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