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15th Jan 2020
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Better manage rotas with shift swapping 

I am pretty confident in thinking that managing rotas can sometimes get overly frustrating for bureau clients. The time spent analysing, forward planning and reviewing unavailability can all be thrown out the window once a roster is published. Employees can have unforeseen personal and/or family responsibilities whereby they cannot always work the shifts they have been assigned. Additionally, there are employees desperate for more shifts than what they’ve been assigned.

The back and forth that follows after publishing a rota can test any bureau’s patience! What better way of adding value to your service that giving clients the ability to manage their rotas all from a single platform! Give clients the power to empower employees to fill the shifts they cannot perform? Imagine the time your clients can save by removing this cumbersome task off their To-Do list whilst still maintaining control of the rota? Imagine the time bureaux can save by tightening processes and spending less time chasing data?

Sounds great, but we will clients lose control over the rota!

Rest assured, chaos will not ensue once employees are allowed to swap shifts! Efficient payroll and workforce management software such as KeyPay provides the tools to control the whole process meaning bureaus and more importantly their clients don’t have to engage in micro-management when handling rotas saving valuable time.

The benefits of a smoother management platform

KeyPay gives bureaux the tools to offer their clients all the efficiencies of employee-led management through its desktop platform and mobile app WorkZone while still ensuring administrators have full visibility through notifications and reports and retain control over everything, including:

  • Knowing who has swapped their shift and to whom;

  • Approving the shift swap before it is applied to the roster; and

  • Tracking shift swaps over periods of time using the Shift Swapping Report.

  • Swap cut off periods setting a period after which employees cannot swap shifts such as 48Hs prior to a shift commencing.

  • Being able to approve and reject swaps with approvals able to be performed automatically, based on cost changes or always require approval with any changes sent straight to the employee.

Stay aware with notifications

Clients have even more employee visibility through notifications and reports receiving notifications for:

  1. A daily reminder that notifies the manager of all pending shift swaps – this details the shift date, the employee initiating the swap and who it is being swapped with; and

  2. Instant notification for when a shift swap requires manager approval.


Our Shift Swapping report captures details for all shifts that have been swapped between employees, whether they have been rejected, approved, cancelled or are still pending. This provides a great analysis of:

  • employees who regularly swap shifts;

  • number of shifts swapped over a period of time;

  • common days where shift swaps occur;

  • cost analysis between original shifts and swapped shifts.

Offer clients more than just a payroll solution, offer them a business solution! The best products are those that add value back to the customer and benefit you! so why not give clients back their time, eliminating workforce management inefficiencies while also offering a seamless payroll solution, while also tightening your own processes and improving data accuracy and timeliness!

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