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Blog: Building Resilient Systems In A World Of Uncertainty

7th Sep 2020
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An Uncertain World

The world is full of uncertainties. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how dangerous and devastating unforeseen events can impact the lives and livelihoods of billions across the globe. Many businesses and organisations alike struggled to cope as the economic landscape turned upon its head. In 2019, Accenture’s research found that 68% of business leaders reported that their cyber risks were increasing, with the ever-growing complexities of the digital world propelling organisations into uncomfortable new ground. 

The effects of such events and the accompanying uncertainty are easily demonstrated. Household names such as Debenhams, Go Outdoors and T.M. Lewin have all filed for administration in 2020 as the high street continues to be the victim of change, whilst web-based businesses such as Amazon, Boohoo and Ocado have thrived.

However, it has not just been the high street that has been damaged, as numerous businesses without the means to continue their operations with staff working remotely have also suffered, as the word “furlough” got added to the nation's vocabulary. 

Organisational risk assessments are not new. Analysis of the business environment has long been a staple of any successful organisation’s strategic management, but as the world changes the lessons learnt of the past become evermore unclear in their guidance. There is no step-by-step playbook on how to tackle these issues. Some lessons are yet to be learnt. 

That does not mean it is an impossible task. Technological developments of the last twenty years have prepared us better than we would have been otherwise; laptops enabled many to work from home, video calling meant that we could communicate, and business systems built to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection ensured that many businesses continued to operate almost as normal. 

Business continuity planning has undoubtedly saved many businesses. The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has observed that global disasters do spark changes in organisational behaviour, with less than 25% of businesses now expecting to return to their previous business model. 

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So what can be done now to plan for the future?

With cybersecurity a growing concern, ensuring that your data is secure and recoverable is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, one-man IT departments are unlikely to be equipped to deal with countering highly sophisticated attacks, leaving countless organisations at risk. Larger data centres offering IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) can offer high-level security and protection dedicated to ensuring affordable and viable business continuity. Furthermore, many on-premise and in-premise business systems are at risk of damage from fire, flooding and natural disasters, with off-site data backups essential for the livelihood of the organisation. 

Accessibility of on-premises systems has also been an issue throughout the pandemic. Many office workers were required to be put on furlough as their role was made temporarily obsolete, as those who were able to access their business systems remotely found that they were able to continue as required. 

Aqilla is proud to have facilitated the continual operations of all of our customers throughout the pandemic, with Aqilla easily accessible through the cloud from anywhere, without the need for additional networking infrastructure or dedicated VPNs. Since our inception in 2008, Aqilla has boasted a 99.99968% availability. Our data is secured in ISO and SOC accredited data centres, with multiple data backup protocols to ensure that our customers will never be without their incredibly valuable data. 

As Aqilla is designed for and built in the cloud we are able to continually update our system, ensuring that all of our customers have the latest version with the highest level of security provided at no extra cost, with little to no downtime to deploy the update. 

For more information about what Aqilla can do to support your business continuity get in touch or visit our website for more information.