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Blog: Inside Aqilla

12th Oct 2020
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Aqilla ERP Cloud Accounting AI

The Life of an Aqilla Cloud Software Developer

At Aqilla, we acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that IT professionals do every day. An IT pro’s job is more than just working in the background and fixing bugs. Although a lot of the time it’s behind the scenes, IT pros do everything from troubleshooting, maintaining uptime, monitoring performance, to also designing and testing new software and features. 

As Aqilla has always been a provider of Cloud-based solutions (and we also embrace that methodology for all our internal systems), working from home has not been an issue for our internal teams and platform users. This year, our cloud software developers have been busy working in the background to continually enhance Aqilla’s platform features and making sure Aqilla runs efficiently for our customers. 

Migrating to AWS

One important activity completed recently has been the transfer of Aqilla’s hosting services. If we could turn off our systems for a week while we transfer all the software and data it would be easy, but having to maintain a 24/7 service requires careful planning and management. 

We decided we needed to enhance our current server environment, and so selected AWS (Amazon Web Services) as being the best option for what Aqilla, and our customers, needed -  a scalable solution, with the ability to easily bring on more facilities to support the growing load. Additionally, we needed a more resilient environment, so that if any parts of the system stop functioning, it would be able to be quickly moved over to the backup environment to keep running. 

Once the decision was finalised about using AWS, our IT professionals had the task of moving our customers across as seamlessly as possible. This took a number of steps, and users wouldn’t have known that they had moved from one server to the other. This was all down to the skill of the developers making sure everything was thoroughly tested, and that the system could be transferred easily.

Once all our customers had been transferred, without disruption, it was clear that this was only the result of the skills and dedication of these IT professionals.


Recently, Aqilla also announced the launch of our new SmartAI capability. SmartAI was developed by our team to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, in order to learn and understand a variety of business processes within the software. This results in tasks being run accurately and efficiently, without the requirement for any manual input. 

By enabling the system to learn the nuances of its customers’ business processes, Aqilla’s software is able to significantly reduce the likelihood of errors occurring whilst also automating time-consuming tasks. This is completed even when decisions are required to be made throughout the process. Aqilla SmartAI was developed by the team at Aqilla using a range of techniques and methods consisting of AI, Automation and ‘Fuzzy Logic’. Through the use of an application programming interface (API), Aqilla SmartAI is able to deconstruct data fed into the system and forward it to where the data is required in an appropriate format.

Mobile developments and improved user interface

At the other end of the spectrum, we are also developing some exciting new technology to enable our users to better and more intuitively access Aqilla using mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. When this is released it will be very visible for all to see but even so, what an end-user sees is just the tip of the iceberg, the majority of the work is hidden.

The user interface (UI) is another area the team is currently working on modernising. When Aqilla was first created back in 2006, the tools available for creating a dynamic web-based UI were limited, so we are currently in the process of updating the look and feel of the platform as a whole. One of the biggest feature updates will be a responsive display. This will mean the platform will adjust according to the amount of space on the screen it’s being viewed on, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

It’s important to remember the hard work the IT pros do day in, day out, in order to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. At Aqilla, we want to say thank you to our IT team, and we know that the company wouldn’t be the same without them consistently managing and developing the platform and service. 

For more information about Aqilla, please get in touch.