Bokio launches bank feeds for free

25th Nov 2019
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We’re excited to announce that Bokio now supports automatic bank feeds, totally free. 

Bank feeds save time, reduce errors, and are a really effective way to record transactions in your accounting software. Bokio bank feeds are offered in collaboration with Plaid, an external provider. So, you can now connect bank accounts and credit card to Bokio to receive automatic updates with your, or your clients latest transactions.

Bokio bank feeds are safe, secure and Open Banking compliant.

How bank feeds work

Using bank feeds in Bokio is really simple. Just connect the bank account, and last month’s transactions will appear in the Bokio To do list, ready to record. Once the bank account is connected, the bank feed will automatically update four times a day, so you’ll never miss a transaction.

When you are ready to record the transactions, simply go into the To Do list, attach receipts and other materials, categorise them, and record them in your bookkeeping.

Benefits for accountants

Automatic bank feeds let accountants decide when they do their work. Choose to do bookkeeping daily, weekly or monthly, without waiting for clients to send bank statements or upload records. There’s no more panic on deadline days when you can prepare and plan ahead.

The free accounting software

Bokio is a free, smart accounting solution that has launched in the UK. We make bookkeeping simple, allowing accountants to collaborate with their clients in one easy-to-use software. With automated reporting and smart templates, we save accountants and business owners time on day-to-day tasks so they can focus on more important aspects of running their company, like bringing in more clients.