Brand New Pandle Mobile Updates Announced

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Earlier this year, we completely rebuilt our Pandle mobile app, with the intent to improve on functionality to make the user experience as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Since then, we have been hard at work updating and improving it ever since. So, today, we’re going to tell you all about the updates that we’ve just released and how they will help our users and Pandle partners in the future.

Improved Receipt Uploads feature

Our popular Receipt Uploads feature has also been improved. Previously, when users snapped a photo of their receipts, they would have to attach it to a transaction through the desktop version of Pandle.

We have made this process more streamlined so that users can now snap a photo and attach it all within the Pandle mobile app. This makes things even easier for those users who are always on the move and away from their desk.

Brand New Pandle Mobile Updates Announced

Payment options in invoices

With invoices, users will be able to decide whether to include payment options in invoices and whether to send out payment reminders – like they can in the web app.

You can set this up as a default, to apply to all the invoices you send out, saving you time from having to manually set this up for every single invoice individually.

Users can now convert quotations into invoices

Another new invoice feature is that when users send out a quotation to a potential customer, they will now have the option to change this into an invoice if the client signs up. This means the user won’t have to set up and send a separate invoice – saving time and effort.

Clickable customer data

From now on, all customer data contained within the app will be clickable. Clicking on phone numbers will allow you to automatically call the customer, addresses will open maps and email addresses will open email apps.

Users won’t need to step away from the software to contact a customer anymore – all the information they need is right where they are already. This offers a more seamless experience for the user.

Security updates

Security is a huge priority for us at Pandle. So we’ve been working on security and performance improvements across the mobile app to ensure our users can do their bookkeeping on the move, without fear of threats.

At Pandle, we use 128-bit encryption to protect both our desktop and mobile apps. We consistently test and develop new protections to ensure our software can keep up with modern cyber-threats.

Bulk-select uploads

In our Uploads section, which allows you to upload pictures of receipts or files, users have been previously limited to deleting just three at a time. This limit has now been removed to make the Uploads folder easier to clean up and keep organised. Users can bulk-select multiple uploads to remove them whenever they wish.

Create a customer faster

Our Create a Customer feature has been optimised and the time it takes to do this has improved drastically, from 7 seconds to loading in 0.5 seconds. This makes the process 14x faster than previously – fast enough to keep up with our busy users.

Partner with us

If you’d like to be a part of all our exciting new developments, you can partner with Pandle very easily. Simply tell us a little about your accountancy firm by following this link, and we’ll provide you with a solution that’s best suited to your needs.