BrightPay Connect for Bureaus - How to Sell the Employee App to Your Clients

15th Jul 2020
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Payroll isn’t what it used to be. In the past, payroll managers could often be found under mounds of paperwork, tapping furiously at their calculators and entering figures into complex lodgers where they would be stored in tall, dust-coated filing cabinets. But, thanks to countless technological advances and developments in software capabilities, the process of payroll management has been streamlined significantly in recent years through automation. Thank goodness for that!

The latest trend in this continuous effort to make payroll easier (especially for bureaus who are juggling large numbers of clients) is employee apps - perhaps not something you’d automatically associate with payroll but undeniably useful nonetheless. Employee apps don’t just benefit the employee, or the employer for that matter. Payroll bureaus have a lot to gain from convincing clients to use employee apps in their human resources management. 

BrightPay Connect offers one such app to businesses. The employee app allows for better communication between managers and employees. Studies show that 90% of people will read a text message in less than three minutes after receiving it - a much faster rate than email. Furthermore, it also has distinct advantages for payroll managers who want to get their job done quickly, effectively and with as little hassle as possible. 

What Are the Benefits of Employee Apps? 

Let’s dive into what payroll bureaus have to gain from getting their clients to use BrightPay Connect’s employee app. 

1. The Handy Payslip Archive

How many times have employees complained that they hadn’t received their payslips, only to discover on further investigation that the payslip had, in fact, been sent on time but had gotten buried deep in their email inbox? This is a common problem and one for which nobody is really to blame. Most employees are inundated with emails every day - many of which could be easily replaced with push notifications - and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. 

By getting your clients’ employees to use the BrightPay Connect employee app, you can easily send each employee their payslip directly to their smartphone or tablet where they can be stored in the secure payslip archive and downloaded at the click of a button when needed. This cuts down on manually emailing payslips to employees and responding to requests for past or lost payslips as employees can access and retrieve them easily into the future. 

2. Easier Leave Management 

One of the areas where human resources and payroll experience a lot of overlap is when it comes to holiday leave, sick leave, parental leave or other leave types. Most businesses with large numbers of employees will have at least one or two employees on some kind of leave at any one time. And even smaller companies will need to keep track of employee leave, whether for maternity leave, short-term illness or holiday periods. 

All of this presents changes in the pay of the relevant employees and, unfortunately, it is often the case that payroll bureaus aren’t updated with these changes until they’ve finalised the payroll. Using the employee app means that your clients’ employees can request leave from their phones, which will then be stored on the BrightPay Connect online portal and automatically synchronised to the payroll software on the bureaus PC, making the leave management process more accurate and more efficient. 

3. Easy Data Access and Updates

Under the new GDPR rules, employees must have access to any data employers hold on them. The employee app facilitates this by allowing employees to view their data and to update it when they need to. This can include entering a new postal address or updating their phone number. But what does this have to do with bureaus? 

Well, many bureaus have expressed concerns about holding data on their client’s employees as they have a responsibility not to hold data that is unnecessary. However,  with regards to payroll, there is a legal obligation for the payroll processor to have access to the employee's data in order to complete the payroll, and therefore, employees cannot opt out of having their data shared with payroll bureaus.

The BrightPay Connect employee app means that you always have the latest information about employees so that you can process their payroll effectively, while ensuring that you don’t have any data you don’t need. This data minimisation ensures that the payroll bureau can ensure GDPR compliance at all times. 

Find out More About BrightPay Connect Today

If you’re a bureau looking to streamline your payroll processes, it’s easy to see why the BightPay Connect employee app can be a useful tool. Not only is BrightPay Connect compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but the extremely competitive pricing of BrightPay Connect ensures that you’re getting the best possible value for your investment. 

You can find out more about the BrightPay Connect employee app (as well as it’s many other features for payroll bureaus) by booking a free demo with one of our Connect experts today.