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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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BrightPay Connect: The truly affordable Payroll & HR must-have

3rd Dec 2018
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Technology is a huge factor to consider for someone who wants to run a successful payroll bureau. Nowadays, payroll software with the addition of cloud payroll add-ons can streamline the whole payroll process. Implementing these systems also gives payroll client’s a lot more bang for their buck which results in happy clients.

Given the recent technology advances, the payroll process is about so much more than paying employees. People now expect and want a fully functioning self-service HR system. BrightPay Connect, the optional add-on to BrightPay payroll software, offers a full suite of HR functionality at a truly affordable price.

  • Bureau Dashboard
    Users can view a complete overview of their payroll client’s information in one place.
  • Client Self-Service Dashboard
    Payroll clients can login to their personal dashboard and view all of their employees’ details, payslips and payroll reports.
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
    As the payroll is being processed on the desktop BrightPay payroll, BrightPay Connect will automatically back up the payroll data to a secure cloud server every 15 minutes.
  • Employee Self-Service
    Employees can login to their own personal payslip portal with BrightPay Connect. From the portal, employees can request annual leave, update their personal information and view a calendar showing any booked leave or leave already taken.
  • Payslip Portal
    Employers can view all payslips for any of their employees on their portal. Employees can also view their most recent and a complete history of their payslips. A notification will be sent to employees when a new payslip is available to view.
  • Annual Leave Management System
    Employees can request annual leave at any time through their BrightPay Connect smartphone app or on any PC. The request then flows through to the employer or relevant manager for approval, where they can approve or deny the request.
  • Multiple Users & Access Levels
    Employers and payroll bureaus can add as many user as they like to BrightPay Connect at no additional cost. An administrator has complete control over the BrightPay Connect account while a standard user can have restricted access to one or several clients.
  • Payroll Reports
    Any payroll reports that have been created in BrightPay by the bureau are available for clients to access in BrightPay Connect as soon as the payroll is finalised. This eliminates the need to send payroll reports to clients every pay period.
  • Document Upload
    BrightPay Connect offers the ability to upload documents for employees such as contracts of employment and staff handbooks. Disciplinary notices, company newsletters and training material can also be uploaded.
  • Bureau Branding
    To enhance client relationships, BrightPay Connect allows payroll bureaus to add their own branding, contact details and signature to BrightPay Connect.
  • Bulk Bureau Discounts
    BrightPay Connect allows payroll bureaus to ultimately make a profit by using BrightPay Connect. The Connect bulk pricing model means that the more clients you have using Connect, the cheaper the licences will be. Read more: Increase Profits & Revenue with BrightPay Connect

Thousand of payroll bureaus are already reaping the rewards of BrightPay Connect. Book an online demo now to see more of the benefits.


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