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23rd Sep 2020
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At BrightPay, we’re always trying to develop our payroll software so it does more for you. Our new API integration with FreeAgent is the perfect example of this ethos in action. Now, you can use BrightPay payroll software in conjunction with your FreeAgent software. Instead of having to manually enter your payroll journals into your FreeAgent account, they can be sent directly from BrightPay to FreeAgent at the click of a button. It couldn’t be easier.  

Thanks to this innovative API integration, you can connect your payroll and accounting software for seamless processing from start to finish, saving time, effort and money.  

How Does It Work? 

We’re not going to get into the technicalities of API integrations here, but here’s a quick explanation of how this technology works and how we’ve applied it to BrightPay and FreeAgent.  

API integrations create a virtual bridge between two separate pieces of software. Whereas before, users had to find manual ways of transferring data from one to the other, API integrations allow it to be seamlessly transferred in just a few clicks. In practice, you can now login to your FreeAgent account via BrightPay. BrightPay can then retrieve your nominal ledger codes from FreeAgent and produce your payroll journal in a file format which is unique to your FreeAgent account settings. This enables you to quickly and easily send your payroll figures directly into your general ledger from the payroll software.  

It might sound sophisticated and complicated, and technologically speaking it is. But for the payroll administrator, it really couldn’t be simpler.  

What Does This Integration Really Mean For Payroll? 

Okay, this is all well and good but what does it actually mean for your business? In practical terms, the API integration between BrightPay and FreeAgent allows you to use the two pieces of software at once, without having to constantly copy data from one to the other.  

We know that this is something which payroll administrators and accountants alike have been calling out for, as it cuts down on the manual work involved in copying payroll journals into nominal ledgers - something that all businesses have to do if they want to keep accurate accounting records.  

Depending on your business and the number of employees you have, this could potentially halve the workload when it comes to processing payroll and save you valuable time and effort to boot. 

In addition to the all-important time savings, it’s also very likely to lead to a reduction in the number of errors made in nominal ledger accounts. This is because BrightPay copies the information into FreeAgent for you, so there’s no chance of you mixing up figures or mistyping accidentally.  

Book A Free Demo Today 

If you want to streamline your payroll processes, then it’s time to book yourself a free demo with our team of experts who will be able to walk you through the very simple process of integrating the two. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have, and further explain the benefits of the integration in more detail.  

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