BrightPay Is Now Integrated With FreeAgent

14th Sep 2020
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BrightPay just got even better thanks to our new API integration with FreeAgent. We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s most popular Accounting packages to make your life even easier.  

At BrightPay, we’re continuously looking for new opportunities to improve our payroll software so that it does more of what you need. We try to find the pain points that bureaus and employers are dealing with, and come up with innovative solutions that make sense. This ethos of research and development is doubtless why over 250,000 businesses across the UK and Ireland are now using BrightPay to manage their payroll, and why we’ve won multiple awards for our industry-leading software.  

The latest in these developments is our new API integration with FreeAgent.  

Why We Integrated BrightPay With FreeAgent 

We’re always listening to our customers, either on email or phone support or via detailed customer surveys. We want to know how we can develop our software so that it provides the solutions you need to the pain points your business is facing everyday. And one theme that we noticed was arising time and time again was the process of copying payroll journals from BrightPay’s payroll software into the nominal ledgers in your FreeAgent accounts. So, we decided to find a way to make this easier for you.  

Together with FreeAgent, we’ve streamlined the entire process so that you can spend less time and effort on it, reduce errors, and instead give you valuable attention to the tasks that really need it.  

What This Means For Your Business 

We made sure that this new integration with FreeAgent would result in real, tangible results for your business. This means that it makes your job easier, your work accurate and your entire role more efficient.  

  • You’ll Save Time - We know that having completed the payroll for the current pay period, having to then copy your payroll journal into your accounting software is a time-heavy task. Copying and pasting the figures back and forth can take hours of your precious time, but it doesn’t need to. Now, you can simply login to your FreeAgent account from the payroll software, and transfer the payroll journal straight into your accounts with a unique file created in BrightPay. Instead of spending hours tediously copying the journal across, now it’s all done for you in just a matter of clicks.  
  • You’ll Have Less Errors - Let’s face it - no matter how competent or careful you are, human error can never be fully reduced. Unless, that is, you use an integration like ours. Now you won’t need to worry about accidentally pasting a figure into the wrong place. BrightPay will simply move the journal, and all of the figures you want therein, into the ledger for you. This means no more double and triple checking to make sure everything’s accurate, and much more peace of mind that your accounts are in order.  
  • You’ll Become More Efficient - Less time spent on a task combined with error reduction can only mean one thing - maximised efficiency. Whether you’re an in-house payroll administrator or accountant, or a bureau juggling multiple different clients, this can only be positive news for you.  

Book A BrightPay Demo 

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