BrightPay & Quickbooks - A match made in Heaven

26th Nov 2019
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Who doesn’t love a crossover? Remember when Magnum PI appeared on Murder She Wrote? Or when Family Guy were on an episode of The Simpsons? How about when Ed Sheeran was on Game of Thrones? 

Well THIS crossover is one of my favourite yet and is definitely the most practical. It’s a union between two behemoths of the payroll and accounting world - BrightPay and Quickbooks. For those of you who don’t know who they are, let me introduce you. 

BrightPay is an award-winning payroll software that makes managing payroll quick and easy. The easy-to-use software is desktop-based, fully HMRC recognised, supports all RTI submission types and includes full auto enrolment functionality. 

Quickbooks is a powerful yet simple accounting software that is geared towards small business, the self-employed and also accountants and bookkeepers. It has a plethora of functions that take the hassle out of all your business doings such as accepting business payments to managing and paying bills. 

The hottest new couple in town are now fully integrated (don’t worry, they went for dinner first) - BrightPay uses API technology that allows both the payroll software and accounting software to communicate with each other like two loved-up teens over SnapChat. But why is this a big deal? 

It’s to do with payroll journals and your precious precious time. A payroll journal is a detailed record of accounting transactions related to payroll. Traditionally, payroll information needed to be manually entered into both the payroll software and accounting software.

This integration feature means BrightPay will produce a payroll journal that is customised to Quickbooks Online with compatible files and a built-in nominal ledger. In English, this means that the mapping tells the payroll where things get posted to in the accounting system and allows users to easily upload their payroll figures into their general ledger. 

But wait, there’s more. With BrightPay integration you can send the payroll journal from the payroll software to Quickbooks Online at the click of a button. In English, this means they’ve thought of everything and it’s very impressive. 

This does not just essentially eliminate the manual import and export process, it absolutely eliminates the manual import and export process. Gone are those tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks. Gone are those long hours slumped over your computer tapping away entering data, while all your friends are back at home watching Love Island. 

By using BrightPay and Quickbooks Online together, you will be able to increase efficiency, avoid duplication of efforts and reduce the possibility of manual processing errors, and most importantly, save you a bunch of your time! It’s the crossover we never knew we needed!

Watch the handy video below about how the integration works or click here to find out more.

Quickbooks and BrightPay


Aoibheann Byrne


Written by Aoibheann Byrne
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