BrightPay ranked ‘Top Performer’ in Customer Success Report

11th Jul 2019
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Someone must have told the folks over at Featured Customers how buzzing I was after the latest CIPP Payroll Report because they’ve only gone and published their 2019 Winter Customer Success Report. You guuuuuuys, it’s not even my birthday! 

So what is this report and why should I care? ‘Featured Customers’ is an organisation that gather, collate, and calculate various bits of data and use a fancy algorithm to analyze all this information into rankings in various categories. So for the payroll category, they’ve gathered data from their “customer success content platform”, social presence and also online sources and social media for all the payroll software companies to produce an overall Customer Success Score for each company. It’s like a payroll popularity contest and everyone is running for student president.

So we know they gather info, but let’s be more specific - the data is arranged into 3 specific categories: Content Score, Social Score and Company Score.

The Content Score is judged based on a number of criteria but the name says it all. Like a social influencer, we need what? #CONTENT. So the more genuine customer testimonials you have for your product the better. This includes customer videos, case studies and success stories. Another important factor is the amount of generated content your company has online - so blog posts (ahem), reviews and newsletters. And you can’t rely on old material, your content should always be fresh!

The Social Score is akin to that episode of Black Mirror where your social standing was based on how many ‘likes’ you got online and in real life. This dystopian moral parable is now REAL LIFE as the aforementioned Social Score is judged by how many followers you have on Twitter and LinkedIn, how many likes you have on Facebook and your engagements across social platforms. We are literally plugged into the Matrix, people.

Finally comes the Company Score - this is judged on how many employees the payroll provider has, and again, engagement across social platforms. It also factors in your vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends - and don't worry, I haven’t got a clue what that means either!

Once the algorithm has worked its magic it spits out the Overall Customer Success Score and companies are divided into 3 separate rankings based on their score. 91-100 sees you in the ‘Market Leader’ category. 86-90 are the ‘Top Performers’ and 80-85 are considered ‘Rising Stars’. The report then goes on to give each company that has qualified to appear on the report a full page spread outlining their key success areas, customer testimonials and their Overall Customer Success Score. Gone are the PC Police, anyone below this doesn’t make the cut, not everyone’s got a medal for taking part, the report is for the winners, baby. The movers and shakers of the payroll world.

My beloved BrightPay Payroll Software is of course featured in the Top Performers division with a ruddy good score of 87. Not bad! So if it were a popularity contest, they’d be the cool guy who everyone likes that didn’t quite make student president, but will still steal your girl at Prom. But don't just take my word for it, check out the full report here.

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Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software