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BrightPay's reporting features & cloud capabilities

31st Aug 2017
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Favourite reports: BrightPay has automatically created some common payroll reports including daily pay report, holiday pay report, statutory pay report and a pension report. Users can create customised reports which can be saved as favourites for future use. The analysis function also allows for more than one report to be opened and viewed at the same time.

RTI Notifications: Once the payroll is finalised, BrightPay will automatically create a Full Payment Submission. Users will see a notification on their dashboard informing them that they have an outstanding RTI submission to send to HMRC. The payroll software also detects and allows users to easily enter a Late Reporting Reason. Other submission types include an additional FPS, NVR, EPS and EYU.

Batch RTI reporting: There is a new facility for bureaus to batch send RTI submissions for multiple employers with a single click saving considerable time.

Exported Reports: Exported documents and reports are automatically organised into a separate folder structure for each of payroll bureau client by default.  

Payroll journal: BrightPay allows users to create a payroll journal export to Sage, Xero, Exact, Kashflow and Quickbooks saving time.  

Auto enrolment & Re-Enrolment: BrightPay’s report writer can create a pre-assessment and post-assessment auto enrolment report detailing pensionable pay, qualifying earnings and pension scheme contribution amounts for each employee which are estimates based on those in the current pay period, and so are subject to change. On an ongoing basis, BrightPay will automatically calculate the employee assessment each pay period informing users when they need to take steps for certain employees. Re-enrolment duties are also flagged at the three year anniversary window.

Import Facility for New Customers: BrightPay has developed a tailored import facility to allow users to import employer and employee payroll data from Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) into BrightPay in less than thirty seconds. There is also an import facility for users moving across from other payroll software providers including Sage, Moneysoft and IRIS.  

BrightPay Connect Online Reporting

Online Reporting: Our optional add-on, BrightPay Connect offers customers a new level of online payroll accessibility to payroll reports. Favourite reports that have been set up in BrightPay Payroll are synced and available on BrightPay Connect. Through the online dashboard, employers can access and view these reports at any time. P30 details are also included with a record of HMRC payments and amounts due.  

Annual Leave: Employees can request and submit leave requests on BrightPay Connect. These requests will then flow through to the employer portal. Employers can view any current leave requests from employees where they can either authorise or reject the leave request. Employee can view annual leave taken and annual leave remaining.

Payslip Reporting: BrightPay Connect provides a self-service portal where users have online access to their current and historic payslips, P45’s, P60’s and HR documents. All documents can be viewed and downloaded. Payslips can be set up by an employer or payroll bureau to be automatically available on BrightPay Connect. An automated email notification is sent to the employee when a new payslip is available. This allows employers and payroll bureaus save time and reduce the workload by eliminating the need to manually email, download or print and distribute payslips.


Watch the BrightPay Connect video to see how it can improve your bureau offering.