BTCSoftware provides flip flops to local charity

28th Aug 2019
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When our local charity, Woking Street Angels, reached out to us for support during their activities at Pride in Surrey on 10thAugust, BTCSoftware were delighted to help out.

Woking Street Angels are trained volunteers who set up in Woking town centre on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm till 4am to help the town’s night-time population to have a safe and fun experience.

For the last eight years they have collaborated with police, venue door staff, council staff, and medical services, whatever the weather. Street Angels believe that all people deserve care and love in their time of need. They provide help by listening, giving out supplies, offering practical help, and signposting people to other agencies for further support.

Amazingly, since the launch of Street Angels, the Woking Safer Neighbourhood Team reports that the town has seen consistently reduced levels of crime between the hours of 8pm to 8am. In 2014/15 this reduction was measured at 64%. Since then this level continues to fall during the Street Angels’ active hours.

This year’s inaugural Pride in Surrey event in Woking Park on August 10th was attended by the Woking Street Angels. They had a team at the Park during the day and more volunteers across three teams served the community partying into the night. With 5,000 attendees to Pride in Surrey, BTCSoftware were happy to donate flip flops for the Angels to distribute throughout the night.

Paul Oldridge, BTCSoftware Business Development Director, said, “We are happy to support a local charity that makes a positive impact in the Woking community. The Angels give their time to support those in need, and we are delighted that we are able to continue to help them with a donation like this.”

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We are proud of the work Woking Street Angels does for the local community and are excited to continue our partnership into the future. A huge well done and thank you to the volunteers for supporting Pride in Surrey and the community! If you would like join us in supporting Woking Street Angels, please visit their website.