BTCSoftware's Charity Accounts Production Template

3rd Sep 2019
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BTCSoftware regularly speak with charities and their accountants about how they can help with year-end requirements with their Charity Template module. It is designed for charities registered as companies under company law and allows compliance with current, relevant reporting requirements. AP Solution has been developed in consultation with accountants and integrates seamlessly with other BTCSoftware Solutions.

BTCSoftware Charity Accounts Production Template

Charitable Companies

For small charitable companies using FRS102, the BTCSoftware Charity Template enables them to meet the disclosure requirements of the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). The software also caters to charities in Scotland under Scottish SCIO Small Charity FRS102 and Scottish Unincorporated Small FRS102 Charity Templates. Accountants looking after small charitable companies can use the Charity Template to produce:

  • Statement of financial activities
  • A summary of income and expenditure account
  • Analysis of income and expenditure across various funds
  • Analysis of the charity’s restricted, unrestricted, and endowment funds
  • Analysis of different sources of income, e.g. donations, trading, legacies, and investments

Because the Charity Template for Accounts Production follows the same format and straightforward approach as other BTCSoftware Solutions, it is ideal for accountants who need to produce small charitable company accounts. With full integration to CT Solution, charities which are required to file Corporation Tax returns can easily comply and complete returns to HMRC. The Charity Template module allows charity accountants to record details of different funds by name and purpose, and entries drive the Extended Trial Balance and other data entry sections making it simple to use and intuitive.

Software integration means that you can effortlessly link BTCSoftware’s AP Solution with many bookkeeping software products, like Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, IRIS, SAGE, and VT, for quick and easy year-end compliance. You can see how the integrations work on YouTube. Utilise the integrated Incomplete Records Module to construct the Extended Trial Balance from receipts, payments, and transfers reconciled to bank statements.

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To find out more about BTCSoftware's Charity Accounts Production Template, call 0345 241 5030 to speak to a consultant and discover how easy BTCSoftware can make your charity compliance. You can also email [email protected]