BTCSoftware’s Head of Customer Success, Abby White talks about her 4 most valuable tips when growing Partnership relationships with our customers

4th Aug 2021
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We invited Abby, BTCSoftware’s Head of Customer Success, to share her thoughts on the importance of partnership with our customers.

Head of Customer Success

Although it feels much longer, over a year ago, I sat down with our board of directors to discuss our strategy to support our customers better.

It was an open discussion on areas where we can best support our customers during uncertain times. With Lockdown in place, we found that our customers were struggling to find ways to work from home – what was needed in terms of infrastructure, software solutions and management support. Our teams had already moved to remote working ahead of the official lockdown announcement, and it was clear that our customers could benefit from our experience in setting up a remote working environment.  

First things first: What do we mean by “Partnership”? It is very simple, as it is for my team to work with our customers to maximise the utilisation of BTCSoftware products to achieve what the customer has defined as their objective. Our solutions are very flexible and can be set up and used to suit different objectives.

So! Here are my 4 top tips to helping to maintain great partnerships with our customers.

1.Talking helps – start a conversation

So, how does it start? First, we simply have a conversation with our customers and establish the objective. Then we will design an onboarding process/development process/transition process (because the objectives have a habit of changing over time) that will match the set/reset objectives. This, of course, will require a regular dialogue, and we can work to optimise the systems and processes accordingly.

2.Listen to your customers when they talk

Regular conversations with our customers give us more insight into what they require, both from a software and business perspective, but from a personal one too.

We heard from many customers during 2020 and into this year was that accountants in practice felt enormous pressure to support clients suffering a downturn in business, which is why we used our resources to offer support where we could.

We got some insights from our charity partner Mental Health UK as to ideas/suggestions for supporting struggling employees working from home and published these to our customers. If you would like to support their very worthy cause, you can do so here:

This is the part of the partnership that makes it work for all 3 parties – us, our customers and their clients.

3.Create a plan which offers real support to your customers

A partnership is not all about business and how to use our software – we took steps to provide some relief/escapism through our regular communication during the lockdown. Keeping these lines of communication and offering real support to our customers free of charge goes a long way, this way they know that we will continue to work and support them when they need it the most. Self-Assessment Season!

4.Act on what your customers need from you right now – training and development

New activities are continuously added to the services my team provide. They are inspired by your (our customers’) direct suggestions or indeed by the regular conversations we have with you. One of the later additions is training in the use of BTCSoftware products so you don’t have to take billable time out to do the elementary. In these training sessions, we have found multiple ways in which we could save time and increase efficiency with customers having used the software for years – just not picked up on the additions – so when we say that you should check in with us, it is really to help you benefit from what you already have.

My team and I are looking forward to working with you and are driven by the improvements we can inspire in your business. For an informal chat, do not hesitate to call or email me/my team.

Look forward to hearing from you

Your success is our success, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can call me on 0345 241 5030 or get in touch online.

And if you’re new to BTCSoftware, head to the Getting Started page to learn more!