BTCSoftware's Support Series: How To Handle Individual Tax Returns

19th Nov 2019
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With Self-Assessment season starting, BTCSoftware shares two videos from the popular Ten Steps to Using BTCSoftware series that look at handling Individual Tax Returns.

Video 9 – Linking Accounts to an Individual Tax Return

This video demonstrates how to import accounts into a Self-Assessment return. See how to add an event for the Individual Tax Return, then add the details by linking to and importing the Accounts.

Video 10 – How to File an Individual Tax Return

This video shows you how to check and calculate an Individual Tax Return before submission.

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Thinking about changing your software just before Self-Assessment season can be daunting, or even a big “no” for many practices. That’s why BTCSoftware is shaking things up to offer flexible trial options to allow you to say “yes” and test-drive SA Solution and the other Solutions for January 2020. Just give the sales team a call on 0345 241 5030 or email [email protected] to talk to a consultant or book a demo.