Business Advice For £5 A Day? - Yes, We're Talking Algorithms

Brought to you by Runagood ®

Our recent coverage in Forbes, "Business Advice For £5 A Day? - Yes, We're Talking Algorithms" gives some very good insight into what Runagood® is all about, and how it can impact revenue streams for an accounting firm in a profitable, and more importantly, consistent manner. 

One aspect of the article worth highlighting is how Runagood® can help bring down the cost of business advice for small businesses by enabling accountants to become business advisors. For £5 a day, accountants are now in a better position to provide clients with rounded services and nurture these small businesses into bigger and profitable ventures.

Think of it this way: £4 day per client an accountant can manage 200 clients at once = £800 per day working from home. Think of how much that adds up to annually -- are you sure you want to pass up that kind of revenue?

That's an unbeatable income stream, simultaneously helping your practice become more profitable while providing your clients with reliable business advice grounded in innovative technology.

So read our coverage in Forbes to see what all the fuss is about, and then contact us if you're interested in learning more.