Busy accountants: how to make working easier

2nd Oct 2019
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I’m sure you’re facing a colourful sea of icons on your Windows desktop, one hand on the smooth contours of your mouse ready to process another day’s work. Armed with a library of software and a warm cup of your favourite beverage, you’re ready to tackle another busy day. I’ll bet you have a packed email inbox and an awareness of the list of deadlines you can’t afford to miss. But maybe you’re wondering if there’s a more efficient way to cope with the relentless workload?

You mouse-click constantly to file emails, or peer into your overloaded inbox to find that elusive email. You’re forever typing client data in several places as you notice the keyboard keys fading under the strain. If you don’t maintain all this duplicated data, mistakes happen. You glance at the clock and it’s later than you thought and you’re nowhere near done. You want to find a better way to work where you feel in complete control without all the stress.

Your telephone is pressed firmly against your ear for yet another call chasing a client. They’re unavailable so you leave a message. You’d like to stretch your legs and take a walk but there’s lots to do. Your heart sinks as yet another bill arrives for expensive software. Life would be easier without so much typing and filing. It would be great to cut costs too. You want to be pleased with the tools you rely on. You’re wondering how to stop worrying about missed deadlines and losing clients.

You’re forever clicking the green Excel icon knowing deep down it’s not ideal because Excel allows mistakes because it has no business logic or safeguards. Imagine how good it would be to streamline your systems and standardise the way you work in a secure way. Consider the benefits of removing tiresome repetitive tasks to release revenue-earning time. Think how satisfying it would be to replace your mish-mash of systems with something integrated and automated.

The answer is to install Logical Office CRM. It gets rid of boring filing and typing, and manages all your client data in a paperless office. It removes the drudgery of checking lists, sending deadline reminders and writing long-winded engagement letters. It works with XERO, SAGE and many accounts production programs. It’s what you’ve always wanted for a happier office.

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