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Busy season: outsourcing now ‘critical’, says accountant

29th Oct 2020
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Accountants are faced with a gargantuan task in the coming months.

Tax busy season is always hard enough already but now it’s wrapped up within the complexities and problems caused by the pandemic.

With a potentially bigger backlog than ever and resources stretched to the max, it may be time to consider other ways to tackle the challenges ahead.

Is now the time to consider outsourcing?

Some accountants already outsource parts of their workload to ease the strain on their teams.

One accountancy practice who has reaped the benefits of effective outsourcing is The Buxton Partnership. Geoff Glover, Tax Partner, says it has become vital for getting through the January tax busy season in recent years.

He says: “The tax return outsourcing has become a huge help. We wouldn’t have coped in the January tax season without it. For personal tax, without question, I would go as far to say it’s critical. It has helped us to be far more productive in that busy period.”

Why do accountants like outsourcing?

The Buxton Partnership attributes its ability to grow to outsourcing.

Geoff explains: “It has enabled us to bring on more customers, it’s been fundamental to where we have got to as a business because we know we can take the extra work on.

“We wouldn’t have been able to grow to where we are in such a fashion without utilising outsourcing. From our point of view, as a small practice, it’s been critical to our growth and we would certainly advocate it.”

What are the benefits of outsourcing for accountants?

  • A flexible and cost-effective means of completing routine accounts and payroll
  • Escapes the expensive overheads from recruiting extra employees
  • Reduces the turnaround time of jobs
  • Frees up staff time to concentrate on higher fee-earning work and client care
  • Professional, highly trained, and high quality staff give confidence and peace of mind about accuracy

How can Taxfiler help?

Taxfiler is teaming up with the outsourcing service used by The Buxton Partnership – IRIS Resourcing. They provide a highly trained and qualified staff who offer full compliance with UK data protection laws (ISO9001 and 27001 certified).

Geoff adds: “The service levels are great, and we would worry about the quality going somewhere else. Outsourcing with IRIS has become a fundamental part of our business.”

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