Cancer Research UK improves supporter experience with Albany's eVERIFY

Brought to you by Albany

- Cancer charity integrates Albany Software with Siebel CRM to check account details in real-time and process donations without error -

Cancer Research UK today announces it has implemented Albany eVERIFY, the powerful bank account validation tool from the pioneering developer of electronic payment solutions, Albany Software. By using the software, designed to crosscheck and validate UK bank account information, and integrating it with the organisation's Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the charity will maximise supporter donations by processing previously rejected donations as supporter bank details are validated and errors are corrected in real-time.

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer by supporting the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK to investigate all aspects of cancer, as well as providing information for cancer patients and their families, health professionals and the general public. The main motivation for implementing eVERIFY was to prevent the loss or delay of donations through inaccurate bank account details and to save time in re-engaging with supporters.

Prior to implementing the eVERIFY solution, Cancer Research UK was only able to validate bank and credit card details when it initiated one of its bi-monthly Bacs runs, making the organisation entirely reliant on the accuracy of the details submitted by its donors over the phone. Due to human error at the point of data entry, Cancer Research UK was losing money in unprocessed payments; donations which the organisation would then have to try to retrieve, costing valuable time and resource.

Rakesh Jena, Senior Business Design Manager at Cancer Research UK, explains, "Direct Debit payments are one of our core financial processes and one of the biggest payment channels through which we get income. Before implementing eVERIFY, there wasn't any decisive control on how the account numbers and sort codes of donors were taken, which resulted in rejected payments and essentially lost donations. Our staff then had to backtrack and phone the donor again to get the right details so the payment would go through, which effectively meant campaigning twice for the same donation."

Cancer Research UK has integrated AlbanyeVERIFY with its Siebel CRM solution using Albany's API toolkit, enabling the charity to verify donors' account details in real-time while they are on the phone. Cancer Research has been using the solution for two months and has already seen a reduction in unprocessed payments.

Jena continues, "We have carried out two checks on our Direct Debits through December and another at the start of the month and have seen a big improvement in the number of rejected payments, with all the incorrect payments we've flagged at point of entry being prevented from going through the rejection cycle."

Jena expands, "One of the additional improvements we've seen through using the eVERIFY solution is a better reflection of our core values to our supporters. As a charity, the way we attract donations is crucial as we want supporters to understand the work we do and for donations to be processed first time. When we cannot process donations due to incorrect details or errors, it reflects poorly on us as it seems as though we're not concerned about the supporter's money, which of course is not the case."

Jena concludes, "We have worked with Albany for many years and found their expertise and support to be invaluable. The solutions they provide have helped us to make collecting payments more efficient and hassle free. This is very important, as any solution which can enable easier and more efficient donations is crucial to us."