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Celebrating Sustainable Accounting: Introducing the ESG Award Category at the Accounting Excellence Awards

5th Jun 2024
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Bright was created in 2021 when Thesaurus Software Ltd. and Relate Software Ltd. decided to join...
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After being delayed first by the pandemic, and then by ongoing geopolitical instability, sustainability reporting is finally starting to become an essential pillar of business operations in the UK.  

Accountants and bookkeepers play an intrinsic role in helping businesses of all sizes advocate for environmental sustainability and foster social responsibility at every step of the value chain.  

In recognition of the accountants and bookkeepers who are driving transformational change for themselves and their clients, we are proud to announce that Bright is sponsoring the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) award category again at this year’s Accounting Excellence Awards.  

Why enter the ESG award category? 

The ESG award category is a celebration of the role that accounting and bookkeeping firms, as well as in-house finance departments, play in implementing successful ESG strategies. This is an opportunity to highlight your firm’s innovative, collaborative, and proactive approach to sustainability and social governance. 

Whether it’s through small everyday changes or significant initiatives, your efforts can inspire others and showcase what is possible in sustainable accounting. 

What makes a winning entry? 

To write a compelling entry, focus on demonstrating the positive impact of your ESG strategy. Highlight the initiatives that showcase your firm’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. These initiatives could range from simple everyday practices to large-scale projects. 

At Bright, we believe that every step towards sustainability counts. Our internal Green Team has implemented various initiatives such as carpooling, organising litter-picking, offering vegetarian meals in our canteen, and maintaining a paper-free office. These small but meaningful actions collectively contribute to our goal of reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener workplace. 

Telling your story 

The most powerful entries are those that tell a story of a challenge that you have overcome to drive the highest impact possible. Here is some advice from our Brand, Content & Communications Manager, Jonathan Stobart, on how to build a narrative that stands out: 

Detail your initiatives: Describe the specific steps that your firm has taken to implement ESG practices. This could include efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy, enhance social equity, or improve governance structures. 

Highlight collaboration: Showcase how your team has worked together to achieve these goals, perhaps across multiple teams or functions. Collaborative efforts often lead to innovative solutions that are both effective and sustainable.  

Demonstrate impact: Provide tangible evidence of the positive outcomes resulting from your initiatives. This could be in the form of reduced carbon footprints, improved employee wellbeing, enhanced community engagement, or other measurable impacts. 

Innovative approaches: Emphasise any unique or creative approaches your firm has adopted. The awards are particularly interested in strategies that go beyond the norm and challenge traditional ways of working. 

Examples of impactful ESG initiatives 

To give an idea of what successful ESG initiatives might look like, here are a few examples: 

Net Zero commitments: Firms that have committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions through renewable energy adoption, energy-efficient office spaces, and sustainable business practices. 

Community engagement: Initiatives that involve outreach to local communities, such as financial literary programmes, pro bono services for nonprofits, or partnerships with environmental organisations. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Programmes aimed at fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensuring equal opportunities, and promoting a culture of respect and belonging. 

Why and how to enter 

By entering this ESG award category, you are not only showcasing your firm’s achievements but also contributing to the broader movement toward sustainability and social responsibility. Your story can inspire other firms to take urgent action, driving collective progress towards a sustainable future. 

Moreover, recognition from the Accounting Excellence Awards can enhance your firm’s reputation, attract like-minded clients who share your ESG principles, and motivate your team to continue their efforts in making a positive impact. 

The deadline for entries is June 14 2024. To enter, visit the Accounting Excellence Awards website and submit your application under the AccountingWeb Pride Award – ESG Category. Remember to ensure that your entry clearly outlines your ESG strategy, the collaborative efforts involved, the innovative aspects of your approach, and the significant positive impact achieved.