Certax Durham switches from IRIS to AccountancyManager and saves over 150 hours a month

17th Jun 2020
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Finding time to properly focus on clients and grow the business is an ongoing challenge for firms big and small. Never more so than over the last few months. 

Matt McConnell - co-owner of Certax Accounting in Durham - should be struggling more than most. He and his partner, Jonathan Tait, are running a 32-strong practice, supporting over 1000 clients, studying for their Chartered Accountancy exams and have just processed 650 furlough claims, for free. Matt’s wife, a receptionist at his firm, is currently furloughed and looking after their young twins at home - arguably busier than Matt. 

So how, under these circumstances, is Matt’s practice saving more than 150 hours a month? When Matt made this claim in our recent live panel discussion, we jumped on a Zoom call to find out.

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