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' CCH Gains ' acknowledged by leading firms of accountants and major banks as the definitive CGT software
' Saves time by substantially automating the production of investment income and capital gains schedules

Since the enactment of the Finance Act 1998 and the introduction of Taper Relief, CGT has become almost nightmarish in its complexity. However, the CCH Gains software has managed to accommodate all of these changes swiftly whilst minimising the impact on the user.

It also enables users to respond quickly and proactively to clients' requests for 'what-if' modeling, whilst ensuring that users can assess the tax impact of decisions quickly and easily.

The software is designed to facilitate the processing of cases in the shortest possible time. All mandatory corporate actions and associated cost apportionments are calculated automatically including dividend and interest payments, scrip issues, reorganisations, redemptions, mergers and takeovers etc.

One of the unique benefits of the CCH Gains system is that no user involvement is required in maintaining the 300,000 strong Securities database which can be downloaded at any time. The software comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use Windows interface, with all of the transaction screens having a common design to shorten the learning curve for new users.

Key features of the CCH Gains software include:

' Accommodates all legislative changes swiftly with minimal user impact
' Comprehensive schedules of investment income, capital gains, dividend and accrued interest
' Calculates Taper Relief on each disposal and apportions gains from mixed-use disposals into respective business and non-business elements
' Calculates all mandatory corporate actions and associated cost apportionments
' Converts all foreign dividends and interest payments into Sterling at appropriate exchange rate
' Transfers all required results to the appropriate pages within CCH's Taxpoint personal tax system or TrustPlus, CCH's Trust system
' Intuitive, easy-to-use Windows interface with Open Database
' Wide variety of reports supplied with the system
' In-built range of facilities to assist in tax planning
' First class reputation for accuracy and reliability
' Enables accountants to add value to 'standard' offering
' Computation for average-sized case typically takes no more than 30 seconds

Version 2.1 of CCH Gains, which was released on March 8 2005, contains a number of significant enhancements to the system including:

' Tax Planning Processing utility ' a bulk processing utility which allows for either the realised or unrealised gains to be calculated for all portfolios in the database
' Crystal Reports ' new reports have been provided to list both securities that did not pay any dividends in the period and to list all acquisitions and disposals within the period or all periods
' Security Code Lookup:
- the system has been enhanced to allow for search strings to incorporate
wildcard characters
- a new Popular Securities search filter has been added based on the constituents of the FTSE 350
' A facility has been provided to automate the production of the surviving spouse's portfolio
' The system can now be configured to perform a save automatically following every computation

CCH Gains is currently used by over 200 firms of accountants including 17 of the UK's 'Top 20' as well as a number of leading banks. In addition, many small and medium size firms use the system together with a number of sole practitioners.

Nevil Burn, Senior IT Manager with Ernst & Young's Newcastle office, commented:

'We have been using the Gains software for over ten years in our centres of excellence for personal tax in Newcastle and Exeter and have been consistently impressed by both the quality and accuracy of the system.

'From a usability perspective, the system is very straightforward and easy to use and contains a wide range of time saving features that fit well within our highly automated approach to Tax Return completion. In particular, the automated transfer of dividends and capital gains data to the Tax Return is a major benefit as are the various tax planning facilities provided within the software.'

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