Change the way you bill your clients with Nomisma's Pricing module

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Accountants have found ourselves forced into an unfortunate predicament. Our industry has taken a weird turn and through years of acceptance, have been forced into a position that is in no way beneficial to us.  It has reached a stage, where we are expected to start and even complete work, without getting paid.

We at Nomisma do not agree with how hard it is for accountants to get paid on time for the service they provide. And so we decided to do something to help.

You would not be able to go into a bar, order a drink and drink it without paying before-hand. Likewise, you could not enter a gym, without paying for access upfront.

Somehow, accountants have been forced into a place where it is not only expected that they work for free until the service is provided, but once they complete their job and it comes to receiving our hard-earned money, clients are not forthcoming with their payment.

Too often, it is the case that a client will receive their completed work and end the dialogue by saying “send me a bill.” When they receive the invoice, they claim they will send you a cheque. And this is the closest we come to ever seeing said cheque!

While it is appealing to stop all contact with the client, you can’t. Due to the time you have already invested in this client, you have no other option but to wait until the client decides to pay you. Accountants have very little bargaining power, should the client refuse to pay. If we threaten to hold onto their work, it rarely works as a deterrent and payment will ultimately come when the client can be bothered to pay you.


There are still a lot of clients that view our service as a necessary evil to keep their business compliant and complete the jobs they can’t be bothered to do. While we cannot control their view of our role, the one thing that cannot be disputed, is the importance of our role in their business whether they like it or not. We relieve the stress of staying compliant with HMRC, meeting payroll each month and advising major financial decision within the company.

What seems to be forgotten, is that we run a business in the same way they do. We too have cash flow to manage, bills to meet and staff to pay. And when they decide to withhold payment, they are damaging our business.

This very frustration proved to be the catalyst for our latest module. We are delighted to announce that we are very close to increasing our six-module offering and adding the latest product, Pricing.  

We know the difficulty faced by accountants when trying to receive payment and are confident our new module will help. While we are not claiming our pricing module will change how happy your clients are about paying you, we will transform how they pay you.

Nomisma’s Pricing module will enable you to quickly generate and send proposals to clients as soon as terms of service are agreed. Once the work is complete you can change these proposals to invoices and send them to your client’s email inbox at the touch of a button.

Your client can then sign the invoice on their computer or laptop and send online payment for the service.

Earlier we discussed the trouble that cheques can cause, which highlights the importance of getting clients on a monthly direct debit as quickly as possible. You can set your client up on a direct debit within Nomisma when you send the contract. This relieves the stress and staff hours spent chasing payments and provides a more consistent cash flow for your practice.

Our method makes receiving payments quick and easy by eradicating the boundaries clients hide behind, to avoid paying you on time. Nomisma’s pricing module creates more transparency and results in payments being received quicker and with less hassle.

You can create professional proposals and invoices with our customisable templates that can include whatever information you prefer, your company logo and a customisable message.

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial period. If you would like more information about how Nomisma can help your accountancy practice, just call our experts on +44 (0) 20-3021-2326 or e-mail us at [email protected]